The Tyranny of the Transgender Movement Can Begin Its End Here – Opinion

The controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle’s comedy special is a controversy that shouldn’t be. One man stood up and made some offensive jokes to members of the public. The trans community was that group.

Let’s be very honest about something.

Our society’s most coddled, entitled and spoilt transgender group is undoubtedly the largest. These people are so invulnerable they have been known to defy science and create reality in nonsensical and bizarre ways. Our mainstream culture will cheerily nod its head and cancel any person who opposes the decisions. The mental illness behind transgenderism is no longer considered a mental illness, it’s almost treated like a superpower despite its ultra-high depression and suicide rates.

You can’t even study the effects of post-op transgender mental health because universities are afraid to invite the wrath of the transgender community and its many allies and activist groups.

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So afraid to go against the transgender community are people in our society that they can literally stand naked next to children, perform strip shows in front of them, or have children dance on stage for them in nightclubs, and mainstream sources won’t utter a single word of contempt.

They believe that they are able to make every demand and create any story without hesitation. They believe they rule our society, and to be honest, society hasn’t given them much reason to believe otherwise.

It is clear that there are many reasons for the problem. For one, transgenderism became mainstream the moment Bruce Jenner became Caitlin Jenner and skewered anyone and everyone who didn’t immediately get on board with the “a trans woman is a woman” mentality. We can also blame the feminist movement which was at the height of its power at the time and its “intersectionality” gave transgenderism the political edge it needed to become a dominant force.

This is the moment when we have the ability to make a change. It was made possible by Chappelle, with the support of trans people.

Chappelle has opened up an opportunity for a major corporation to tell the trans community something it hasn’t heard in a long, long time.


Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos denies the LGBT workers at Netflix as much currently as he should.

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Another demand on top of the ones they’re making is for a pay raise for being transgender.

All they have to say is “no” and then proceed to withstand the deluge of LGBT activism that will come their way. All they need to do is remember that they’re Netflix and it won’t exactly be a tough storm to weather.

This might seem a little difficult, but transgender people have more or less outgrown the car they arrived with: the feminist movement.

Yesterday, I reported that prominent feminists of left leaning are wondering what happened to our society in regards to women being effectively erased. Women are being tossed aside in favor of “birthing people” and “chestfeeding,” and “vagina-owners.” Women are being destroyed and the source of the destruction is the trans community and its domination of society.

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It is expected that a paradigm shift will occur, and this likely happens on the back of frustrated women.

Netflix’s denial of trans demands can be a pebble that starts an avalanche, and the support system that the transgender activist community enjoyed has weakened to the point of failure. Netflix’s refusal to acknowledge transgender activists will cause other corporations to deny them, as they don’t wish for their bottom line being under continuous threat by these activists. They’ll learn they can say no and be okay. When the trans community looks to the “intersectionality” they once enjoyed, many feminists will be reluctant to give their support.

Netflix needs to hold firm on its position, then the rest will fall into place.

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