NewsBusters Podcast: Politico Notices Biden’s Aerobic Avoidance of Interviewers

The latest NB Podcast discusses how Politico reported that President Biden granted only 10 interviews during his nine-month tenure as president. This is a significant decrease from the number of interviews he has given since Labor Day.

Trump was at this stage having done 57 and Obama had done 131. Despite Biden’s dramatic interview avoidance, the media haven’t found democracy dying in darkness, even with only three interviews with print outlets. The Washington PostAccepts to be excluded from a presidential interview because nearly everyone there votes for Biden. 

In one print interview, the story was covered in gushy fashion. Peoplemagazine Inside of the magazine, the interview started with a flashy picture of the couple and the words “WE SHARE THE OTHER’S DREAMS”: The president and first lady get to be real about their happiness, heartbreak, and determination to help the nation. 

Other topics in the show include Gayle King’s morning valentine for Jill Biden, James Murdoch funding AP’s “independent” coverage of the alleged climate crisis, Brian Stelter’s distaste for “ethnonationalist” uses of the term “the American way,” and Oliver Darcy shaming Fox News for skipping live coverage of the “special” January 6 committee hearing.

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