Desperation Sets in as Glenn Youngkin Is Accused of ‘Anti-Semitism’ – Opinion

Glenn Youngkin is giving Terry McAuliffe a real scare with his old strategy. The latter should be trouncing the former, but that’s not happening, with a poll released today showing the two candidates tied going into the final two weeks.

Last night, McAuliffe’s supporters came up with the brilliant electoral strategy of promoting a giant inflatable chicken with Donald Trump hair. Youngkin, however, is being charged with possibly hateful of Jews.

Perhaps you are wondering why. The answer is because he dared to tell the truth about George Soros’ left-wing funding network propping up far-left radicals at the local level.

This isn’t difficult. It is anti-Semitic to attack someone just because they are Jewish. However, it’s not anti-Semitic for someone to target a political activist bundler of left-wing radical politicians simply because they happen to also be Jewish. No one on the right is criticizing Soros because he’s Jewish.

Rather, they criticize him because he’s a really bad guy who has funded horrible candidates that have caused serious damage to the lives of Americans. Go ask Chicago how Kim Foxx is working out for them or how Loudoun County likes their new prosecutor, both backed by big bucks from Soros’ many political organizations.

Again, it just proves how desperate McAuliffe’s Virginia backers are. For them, the possibility that the mediocre Democrat loses this race feels all too real. Three months ago, no one in McAuliffe’s camp, officially or unofficially, thought he had a chance of losing. The team is now using the kitchen sink strategy to flail about in hope of finding something.

Youngkin isn’t anti-Semitic, and Soros can be used for political attacks. To suggest otherwise is lunacy, and the Republican candidate shouldn’t even respond to this stupidity.

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