The Media’s Hunter Biden Embarrassment Continues

This space was witness to the unexpected arrival of The Last Week in Space New York Times to the Hunter Biden “laptop-from-hell” was noted – along with the damage to the “paper-of-record’s” credibility.

The embarrassment now has spread as it should. Here’s the headline in the New York Post. You’ll recall that it was in the New York Post that published the original scoop on the laptop and the e-mails it contained way back there in October of 2020 — a scoop that was silenced by Big Tech and ignored by the mainstream media when they weren’t dismissing it as “Russian disinformation.” The NY Post headline:

Washington Post and New York Times join forces in admitting that emails sent from Hunter Biden’s laptop are genuine

This story was, without doubt, a source for much laughter and good humor in the community. NY PostNewsroom — Reports their most recent story in this manner:

The Washington Post on Wednesday became the second major news outlet to reverse course and admit that emails from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop are authentic — nine months after it obtained them and a year and a half after the New York Post first reported on them.

The paper said two security experts used cryptographic signatures from Google and other technology companies to validate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019, including messages related to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

Some verified emails involved a deal President Biden’s son pursued with the CEFC China Energy conglomerate for which he was paid nearly $5 million, according to the Washington Post.

Additional verified emails were related to Hunter Biden’s work with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma holdings. Hunter Biden earned as high as $83,333 per month or $1million per annum for this job.

Can you say “oops”?

There was also this at Fox News.

Hunter Biden: MSNBC/ABC, CBS outstep the authenticated laptop they rejected in 2020 as part of a DOJ probe
A WaPo report verified Hunter Biden’s emails. It received almost zero network coverage.

Legacy media has finally revealed the scandal that Hunter Biden is facing, however the approach of the five liberal networks to Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election is suspect.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CBS, and NBC reported this week on how the DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances, which has been ongoing for years, is now “heating up” with witnesses continuing to testify. Biden’s younger brother is under investigation for possible violations of tax and foreign lobbying laws, as well as money laundering.

Oh, no!

Rudy Giuliani was the former New York mayor. The Trump lawyer received all of these contents from Hunter, who had been distractedly leaving them at the Delaware computer shop.

Appearing on NewsMax’s Greg Kelly ReportsGiuliani wrote this NewsMax headline

Giuliani and Newsmax: The Press Should be Prosecuted For Hiding Hunters Laptop

NewsMax reports that Giuliani said this:

Rudy Giuliani says he feels “vindicated” now that the mainstream media is admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop story is legitimate, but, he tells Newsmax, “I don’t feel very good about it.”

What the press had done is ‘way too little, they’re still lying completely,’ and it’s “too late,” he said Thursday on “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“I mean, this determined a presidential election,” Giuliani said. “The people who did it should be prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud the American people. They did it on purpose, and they are leaving out the most important part of it because they’re trying to make Hunter Biden the fall guy.”


It doesn’t matter if the journalists who sat on the story intentionally are charged (doubtful considering that this is a First Amendment country), but it is clear that they continue to undermine their credibility by handling the Hunter Biden story.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Hunter Biden could be indicted for his strange handling of finances. It will happen, and it won’t be easy for media outlets to ignore.

Aside from that, they won’t be able to ignore a story they were trying to ignore. Here’s the NewsMax headline:

House Republicans Investigate Big Tech “Suppression” of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story

Although it’d be foolish to rush the political process, there are good chances that the GOP will win control of Congress in 2022. It is also likely that Big Tech will become a significant focus of a House investigation. A reality the media will be unable to ignore, particularly since such an investigation will indeed raise the dicy subject of any collaboration between Big Media and Big Tech in suppressing the Hunter Biden story to help elect Papa Joe — aka, per the one infamous Hunter e-mail — “the Big Guy.”

So, what’s the short version? With the unwilling – and seriously late – concessions of TimesThe Washington PostThe reality of Hunter Biden’s e-mails will make it seem like the credibility of them and others on TV-land continues to decline.

It is amazing to see that none of these people are able to stop the bleeding.

Another way is to acknowledge that that journalistic credibility may continue to erode.

Big time.

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