The Details of How Good Guy With Gun Took out Indiana Mall Mass Shooter Are Even More Amazing – Opinion

We’ve written about the actions of the “good guy with a gun” Eli Dicken — the 22-year-old hero who shot and killed the Greenwood Park Mall mass shooter in Greenwood, Indiana.

But Dicken’s actions were even more amazing when you look at the circumstances.

Alex Parker, my colleague explained that the killer arrived loaded for bear.

A Sig Sauer 400M 5.56 caliber rifle was used by the shooter.
He had a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56 on reserve in the restroom.
He carried a Glock 33.357 pistol.
The man was equipped with more than 100 rounds.
He’d been frequently practicing at a range for the past two years.
His May warehouse job was his last.
Police were told by family they believe he’d received a notice of eviction.

Now, we have more information that shows how God must be with Dicken’s actions. They are truly amazing.

To prepare for the attack, the killer entered the nearby bathroom. Dicken was 40 yards from the shooter when he came out to fire and Dicken immediately saw what was going on. Three people were killed and two more were injured by the shooter. Two were injured. Initial police reports stated that Dicken only took 2 minutes to get back to the shooter. But that wasn’t true. That was corrected by the police. Dicken neutralized him within just 15 seconds after he started to shoot. It was an incredible reaction and will undoubtedly save many other lives.

These photos show the layout of the food court and Dicken’s view of the photographer as he entered the toilet.

Dicken engaged the man from approximately 30 yards and struck him with eight out of ten shots. This took Dicken down, and prevented him retreating to the bathroom. Astounding.

Not only that, but Dicken had the presence of mind to tell other people to get out of the way and to “leave behind him.”

It shows you the difference between one young man willing to act–and close to 400 who failed to act as they should have in Uvalde.

God bless him.

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