If the DNC Follows Chris Cillizza’s Ranking of the 2024 Democratic Field, They Will Lose—Badly – Opinion

Although President Biden has continued to assure Americans that he will run for another term in 2024 as a presidential candidate, the overwhelming majority of Democratic voters are not happy to have him become their nominee. As RedState’s Bob Hoge recently reported, Biden is “irritated” by the lack of respect from the media and Democrats.

Now, CNN’s Chris Cillizza has created a list of Democratic nominees whom he thinks would likely represent the party in the 2024 Presidential race. Cillizza notes that the list could change as the Democratic primary nears, but let’s take a look at his current rankings.

He has Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy at number 10. Murphy was a major player in bipartisan gun reform legislation. Cillizza added:

“Murphy isn’t receiving much attention as a potential 2024 candidate, but I think he would be an intriguing one if he did decide to run.”

Cillizza placed North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper as number nine. Cillizza noted that Cooper’s most significant challenge could be that he is not well known nationally. Cillizza did give praise to the Governor for being elected in North Carolina.

“Getting elected – and re-elected – as a Democrat in North Carolina is no simple thing to do. But that’s exactly what Cooper has done. And there is a template for a southern governor (Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter) to run for and win the White House.”

Cillizza placed Senator Cory Booker, D-NJ at number 8. He noted that Booker is a “charismatic politician with a healthy dose of star power.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar ranked seventh. Cillizza was kind enough to praise Klobuchar’s third-place finish in New Hampshire, behind Senator Bernie Sanders of I-VT and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

Cillizza ranked Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at number six, citing that Warren could tell Democrats, “I told you so” if Democrats lose badly in November, which could lead to her launching a 2024 White House bid.

Ranked at number five, Cillizza listed California Governor Gavin Newsom. Cillizza said:

“A funny thing happened when Republicans in California tried to recall Newsom as governor: it made him much, much stronger.”

Cillizza observed that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was number four.

“Buttigieg is among the most natural politicians in the Democratic Party and, at age 40, can afford to wait if the 2024 or even 2028 field doesn’t look promising for him.”

Cillizza places Senator Bernie Sanders as number three. He finished second in 2016, and was third in 2020. Cillizza indicated that Sanders is unlikely to run in 2024.

“Sanders remains the best-known – and most well-liked – candidate among liberals in the country.”

Vice President Kamala Harris was ranked number two, as Cillizza points out that the VP had “steadied the ship somewhat after a decidedly rocky first year-plus in office.” He added:

“While she would start as the favorite, it’s still hard to see Harris clearing the field after her struggles, so far, as Biden’s second-in-command.”

Cillizza places President Joe Biden as number one. He noted that although his approval rating is in the high 30s, inflation is at a 40-year high, and gas is at five dollars per gallon, if Biden decides to run for a second term, he will “almost certainly be the party’s nominee.” Cillizza added:

“It’s an open question as to whether that is the best thing for Democrats nationally.”

It’s worth noting that when Cillizza created this list, he left off Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

The Democrats would support any candidate except Governor Roy Cooper (D.NC) if they want to give the GOP victory in 2024. Cillizza ranked him as number nine so Democrats may feel he’s not right for the job. Cooper is arguably the most powerful Democrat that could be defeated in 2024, so it’s a good thing for Republicans.

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar could be running again for office in 2024. The times have changed, and none of these candidates were able to perform at the high levels when Democrats had the advantage. The 2020 candidates will, depending on which candidate they are, perform worse in 2024, when Republicans are likely to retake the White House.

Seeing ineffective California Governor Newsom on this list is laughable because, as residents of California and GOP members like Assemblyman Kevin Kiley are warning the nation of Newsom’s job as Governor and how his incompetence is destroying the beautiful state, CNN and MSNBC have been propping up Newsom to be the Democratic nominee. That should not be surprising for the GOP.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper seems like the best option for the Democratic party because he is a common-sense, centrist candidate, and he can win in North Carolina, as he’s proven time and time again. Like Pritzker and Newsom, Cooper can run on the record he has as Governor. Cooper is also moderate on issues that are appealing to Democrats and Republicans as well as Independents.

Final analysis: If Biden doesn’t run in 2024 then there will be the same field of Democrats running in 2024 as in 2020.

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