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In a world where content is king, I’m always appreciative of those who give me something to talk about whether it’s for an article or for the live stream.

The account “Libs of TikTok” is a treasure trove of content that gathers and posts bizarre content from radical leftists and protected groups that fall under their intersectional umbrella. They don’t edit it in any way, they just rip and post. They add a blurb to the tweet.

They don’t need to add anything, anyway. As you can see, the content speaks for itself.

The “Libs of TikTok” account became wildly popular doing something that you’d think was counter-intuitive, taking the left’s message and signal boosting it. Outlets like this were able to pick up the content and increase their attention.

You’d think this would be a huge help to the left, but the issue with leftist messaging is that it needs to be refined and packaged carefully in order to be attractive. The messaging must go through careful planning. TikTok allows leftists around the globe to upload their true selves directly to the public. We get to see and hear them without filters and it’s never been more damaging to the left’s cause.

In truth, “Libs of TikTok” is just a messenger, not the message writer.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the left is horrified by its own ideas being exposed to the world in such a way and so it set out to shoot the messenger. Twitter banned it for an inexplicable reason. Many speculate that this was to help the left reveal themselves.

And now, as of Tuesday, an attack piece was released by the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz that doxxed the woman behind the “Libs of TikTok” account and even went so far as to show up at the doorsteps of the woman’s family. Sister Toldja previously reported that Lorenz is an unspeakable hypocrite. She likes to weep about the harassment she suffered for reporting, then she will turn around and do what she says was wrong.

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Lorenz’s attack on LoTT isn’t going as well as she thought it might. She’s currently being served a massive L and is doing what she can to defend herself and, as the left usually does, keep the ideological bubble intact in order to fend of the real truth; that they’re the baddies.

In truth, Lorenz did LoTT a favor. The Twitter account was wildly popular but it didn’t have that mainstream exposure. Lorenz has made it more popular than ever. More people will begin watching it and as train wreck, after train wreck scrolls past their screen and they’re unable to look away, they’ll become more familiar with the left as it is today. The myriad of public school teachers who openly promote sex to children will be visible by parents. They’ll also understand the reasons legislators made in Florida.

Lorenz’s attempt to silence LoTT only served to make Lorenz even louder.

Lorenz should be thanked for her services and the Left should be furious that she led more people to LoTT. Moreover, she did it in such a way that triggers a sort of Streisand Effect, pushing people to seek out what it is they aren’t supposed to see in their curiosity.

Lorenz may be today’s biggest loser, but that doesn’t make her any less a hero.

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