Telemundo Anchor Slams ‘Taco Jill’ Biden Over Remarks

Four days after the first lady of the United States publicly compared Hispanics to breakfast tacos, anchor Nacho Lozano, from Telemundo, was still vexed enough about the ´awful analogy´ to call Dr. Jill *in Mexican slang*: a BS artist – yo de lengua, me como un taco.

The verbal whack, which roughly translates into ´Yeah, right, tell me another one´, came up during the closing of his analysis of Jill Biden’s racist blooper, verbalized during her speech at the annual UnidosUS conference on Monday. Lozano got to vent his ire over the regular op-ed section titled “Usted qué opina” – ´What do you think? ´- aired as part of the network’s morning news/variety show, Hoy Dia.  

“You’ve probably seen it. You should go back and use it again. These times are? At some point I thought we were still in 1950,” Lozano blurted out, adding that while Mexicans are obviously used to having tacos very early for breakfast, “our stomach gets irritated by this kind of thing… but most of all, we get irritated by prejudices, ma’am,” he warned señora Biden.

Un Nuevo Día


NACHO LIZANO: Jill Biden was the first woman to be elected president of the United States. She spoke about Latinos as something more important and complicated.

JILL BIDDEN: The diversity of this community is just as distinctive as the Bronx bodegas, as stunning as the flowers of Miami and as special as the San Antonio breakfast tacos.

LOZANO: It’s likely you have seen it. Is it not important to re-read and repeat the same thing? These times are? One point, though, I felt like we were in 1950. Even though Mexicans love tacos for breakfast at a very early hour, their stomachs can be irritable. This kind of food can cause stomach irritation.


LOZANO – But we are most often irritated at the preconceptions, ma’am. We don’t have the need to accept those words regardless of their source. Although the first lady apologized already, she did so through her spokesperson and not by herself. Insensitivity, ignorance, and lack of comprehension of the cultures of the Latino community in this country. This is not what you should eat for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Because here comes lesson 2: Latinos are not tacos, it is important to say it again, like the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and many other organizations that protect us, that educate us and that were upset by the First Lady´s awful analogy. We end up seeing, suffering and telling hurtful stories about Latinos, as prejudice turns to violence. But, I won’t eat tacos unless it has beef tongue.

The unusual rant from Lozano, a zealous defender of the Biden administration, pointed to how the FLOTUS has not yet personally apologized for the insult – “The first lady has already apologized, but yes, Through her spokesperson, and not by herself.” This, he said, shows her “Lack of sensitivity, of knowledge, lack of understanding of the culture of Latino communities in the nation.”

Miss Biden, Latinos do not eat tacos. Pantering to UnidosUS’ client base with what she (or the speechwriter) thought Latinos would like (i.e. Being compared with a bodega, a taco or flowers not only offends but also breeds hate, Lozano stated. “Because prejudice then turns into violence, and we end up watching, we end up suffering, telling stories that hurt Latinos and the entire country so much. Anyway, I’ll eat a taco if it’s beef tongue.”

Lozano’s rants normally center around the promotion of gun control or abortion. Woke Nacho did it right.

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