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Joe Biden’s Middle East tour has not gone well. The president fell flat upon his arrival in Israel from Air Force One. This was both in terms of his remarks on the Holocaust and physically.

Things didn’t get better as he gave interviews and did press conferences. Biden’s mental decline was on full display, projecting weakness across the globe. Eventually, he ended up in Saudi Arabia, a country he has formally said he wants to make a “pariah,” where a fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman became a major story.

This is where the drama has gone sour. The Washington Post slammed Biden, calling the fist bump “shameful.”

Can it be possible to make everyone dumber in such a situation? Because that’s what I’m going with.

Joe Biden, on the one side, is an absurd man who has spent the past year and a half isolating Saudis in order to placate terrorists from Iran. This has led to higher oil prices, and increased instability in the Middle East. To get a null and void nuclear agreement, the president took the historic Abraham Accords success and tried to ruin it.

Biden appears completely helpless crawling back towards the Saudis. That’s not showing strength. It’s showing that the United States has no coherent foreign policy. He should never have attempted to isolate Saudi Arabians. This is just one of many failures in the long history of American foreign policy.

With that said, the Post’s continued obsession with trying to make Jamal Khashoggi a “journalist” is ridiculous. The foreign policy landscape is complex and often consists of bad guys. There are many shades of grey, and Khashoggi is a Muslim Brotherhood operative that helped to bring destruction and death to the Middle East over years. That doesn’t mean the Saudis taking him out is morally defensible, but it does mean that when two bad guys go at each other, it’s not surprising when bad things happen. Khashoggi, who was not a freedom fighter before his death, was inexplicably associated with the Post. American newspapers aren’t supposed to employ terrorist supporters.

So in the end, Biden’s policies toward the Saudis have been terrible and harmful for American interests. Biden’s change of heart is not due to abject failure. Yet, the Post’s hand-wringing is just as harmful, pretending that the Saudis are somehow uniquely evil when compared to Iran or other dictatorships the United States deals with. In this scenario, everybody is stupid.

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