WH Staffer Tries Yet Again to Clean up After Biden’s ‘Repeat the Line’ Gaffe – Opinion

We previously reported on how Joe Biden said “repeat the line” — seemingly repeating it off the teleprompter and having a Ron Burgundy moment — during his remarks on signing his executive order on abortion on July 8.

Then White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons tweeted, claiming that he had said “let me repeat the line,” despite the evidence of our ears that he never said that.

Next, the White House falsified the transcript and included “let me” in front of “repeat the line”–despite that not being true and it being the official record.

Now, Simons is again trying to clean up the mess citing a “fact-check.” They have no shame and no conscience.

The “fact-check” cites her and claims that it’s “unclear” what Biden said, when it isn’t unclear at all. The fact-check also doesn’t note her false claim about what he said.

Simons will be ratioed again in this new effort.

The bottom line: Bottom line? We heard exactly what we said. It’s there on the video for all to hear. It’s possible to try spinning it. It’s possible to keep cleaning it up. But, it doesn’t change that he never said “let me repeat the line.” It doesn’t change that they falsely reflected what was said in the White House transcript, and have not corrected the official record. And it doesn’t change the fact that the White House persists in these kinds of efforts where they try to convince us that we didn’t hear what we heard. This has become a disturbing hallmark of the Biden Administration — blatant lies that just insult our intelligence like this.

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