Mom Says 13-Year-Old Son Was Beaten With a Mallet After He Expressed His Support for Trump

A California woman claims her 13-year-old son was attacked for being white and expressing his support for President Donald Trump.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle @Jennife73830809, first tweeted about the alleged incident on Monday.

“My 13 year old son was attacked for being white and a Donald trump supporter. Him and his older brother were called names and beat with a mallet breaking my youngest son (13) nose. Racism is real and not one sided! We should be able to support who we chose without being attacked!” she tweeted.

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@Jennife73830809 also posted images of her son, which appeared to show blood pouring from his nose, which was apparently broken.

During the next few days, @Jennife73830809 continued to tweet out variations of her description of the assault, tagging prominent conservative figures such as evangelical leader Franklin Graham and gun rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett.

Her tweets garnered a significant response on Twitter, receiving tens of thousands of “likes” and retweets.

In replies to Twitter users, @Jennife73830809 said the attack took place on Friday at a skate park in Corning, California.

The Corning Community Park and Skate Park is located in Corning on Toomes Avenue.

@Jennife73830809 said in other tweets that she’d contacted police and posted photos purporting to show X-rays of her son’s injuries.

She also said she was taking her son to a specialist on Friday to have the injury reset.

In other tweets, @Jennife73830809 said local police “don’t seem to care much” about the alleged attack.

Some commenters expressed skepticism about @Jennife73830809’s story, suggesting it had been staged or never occurred.

@Jennife73830809’s Twitter profile shows she joined in Dec. 2019 and has only tweeted about the alleged attack on her son.

The Corning Police Department did not immediately respond to Pluralist’s request for comment.

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