Stacey Abrams Starts off Her ‘Reelection’ Campaign With a Major Whopper – Opinion

Earlier this week, failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced she would throw her hat into the ring once again, setting up a potential 2022 rematch with Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, assuming that they both win the respective primaries.

Though it’s not an official position for this site, some of us here at RedState have taken to calling Abrams’ campaign her “reelection” campaign, since she admittedly never conceded that Kemp won the election in 2018. She was talking to reporters about how Kemp used the position of Georgia Secretary of State at that time to disenfranchise voters, hours after polls closed.

Even after the evidence was clear, she didn’t admit defeat even a week later.

“So, let’s be clear. This is not a speech of concession,” she told supporters 10 days after the election. “Because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. This is something I can’t accept as a woman of faith and conscience. But my assessment is the law currently allows no further viable remedy.”

Though Abrams has spent the last three years pulling the state version of what failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has nationally by way of routinely claiming the election was “stolen” from her and the voters of Georgia, she had a rather interesting spin on her actions Thursday night during an interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

During the segment, Abrams told Maddow that she “did not challenge” the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election results and said she “acknowledged” Kemp “won the election”:

“I did not challenge the outcome of the election, unlike some recent folks did,” the Democrat insisted to Maddow, continuing her commentary about the night of Nov. 16.

“What I said was that the system was not fair. Leaders challenge the system. Leaders believe we can achieve better. This is exactly what I said. I could not in good conscience say that, in order to protect my political future, I’m going to be silent about the political present, which is that we have a system under a leader that sought to keep people from casting their ballot, that threw the ballots out, that said that voter suppression was a viable tactic for winning elections.”

I haven’t seen a video of this segment, but presumably, Abrams was talking about a legal challenge to the results. While she’d be technically right on such matters, it is an insult to everyone’s intelligence to suggest she did not repeatedly challenge the results in the court of public opinion. She did so with relish and was treated with the utmost reverence by the same media figures and Democrats who routinely allege former President Trump “incited an insurrection” by telling the so-called “Big Lie” about the 2020 presidential election.

Taken from the Washington Post Magazine Profile on Abrams 2020.

And yet it’s the likes of Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams who have persistently engaged in the type of “Big Lie” election antics the media proclaims are very “dangerous for our democracy.” You don’t even have to take my word for it. They are not lying when they say that receipts tell all the truth.

We previously reported that Abrams had made claims regarding the election as rigged back in October, when she campaigned to support Terry McAuliffe, the failed Virginia Democratic nominee for governor.

“I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor, but as an American citizen and a citizen of Georgia, I’m going to fight for every person who has the right to vote to be able to cast that vote.”

Absolute nonsense, and dangerous too. But don’t expect the so-called champions of truth in broadcasting to keep Abrams off their programs in the coming months as they have done with Trump and those in his circle who don’t believe that the 2020 presidential election was decided fairly (cc: Jake Tapper).

Instead, they’ll welcome her warmly and with open arms and plumped pillows, proving all over again that when it comes to making allegations about electoral integrity, the media absolutely will not hesitate to play favorites as long as those claiming it are on the “correct” side of the political aisle.

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