OUCH! WashPost Excoriates Dems for ‘Worst Defense of the Biden Administration Yet’

The Washington Post ripped the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s self-own for trying to garner praise for President Joe Biden for a paltry drop in gas prices.

DCCC tweetedA graph that appeared to indicate a drop in gasoline prices was shown. The DCCC captioned its tweet: “Thanks, @JoeBiden.” But the DCCC was being either very misleading or displaying complete ineptitude. Upon closer examination, the graph actually showed only a drop of — wait for it — two cents around the last two weeks of November ($3.40 → $3.38). Liberal Post national correspondent Philip Bump headlined his write-up of the tweet: “This might be the worst defense of the Biden administration yet.” The sub-headline was likely just as painful for Bump: “You’re not helping, DCCC.”  

Gas prices average $1 more per gallon year over year. On Nov. 23, 2020 the average gas price rose to $2.19, and $2.21 by Nov. 30, 2020. That’s much less than the $3.38 that the DCCC absurdly celebrated.

Bump analysed the absurdity in the tweet 

[T]He DCCC will not just give Biden credit because of a drop in gas prices, but also for his contribution to a better economy. tinyA decline in gas prices. A decline that isn’t even the largest decline we’ve seen this year; over a similar period in August, the price of gas dropped more than 1 percent, more than three cents.

Bump believed that the DCCC might be onto something even though its tweet was far from truthful.

The possibility exists that gas prices have risen to a new high in this country. If so, that would certainly be good news and might even help turn Biden’s approval ratings around. The DCCC may be wise to hold off until the turnaround becomes more significant before boasting of how efficient the president was. Perhaps they don’t want to make their point by showing a graph that shows how minimal the drop has been. [emphasis added].

Data by Ycharts tells a different story from what the DCCC’s tweet indicated. Ycharts indicates that U.S. retail gasoline prices are still extremely high. $3.48Per gallon, for the week ending Nov. 29, 

Conservatives under attack Contact ABC News (818-460-7477), CBS News (212-975-3247) and NBC News (212- 664-6192) and demand they report on the DCCC’s misleading tweet during their evening broadcasts tonight.


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