Stacey Abrams ‘Attacks Democracy,’ With a Conspiracy Assist From Terry McAuliffe – Opinion

There was an overwhelming Democratic effort to contact black Virginian voters to urge them to vote in Terry McAuliffe, the gubernatorial candidate. A video featuring Kamala Harir was sent by the Democrats to 300 African-American churches. It will be played in between Nov. 2 and 11. McAuliffe and other liberal icons also visited some of the churches personally in support of their campaigns.

We noted that this is a serious no-no because it violates federal law. This includes the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment prohibits tax exempt organisations like churches from funding candidates’ campaigns. As they did in the video, so did Terry McAuliffe who was apparently speaking at the pulpit.

The Democrats don’t appear to care at all that they might be placing the churches in danger of losing their tax exempt status as long it helps them get their votes and helps them get more power.

While Abrams was campaigning for McAuliffe she also questioned her 2018 election as governor of Georgia.

“I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor,” Abrams claimed. “But as an American citizen and a citizen of Georgia, I’m going to fight for every person who has the right to vote to be able to cast that vote.”

Terry McAuliffe echoed her claim, even suggesting that “1.4 million voters” had been “disenfranchised” otherwise, “she would be governor today.”

Where are those on the Left and Media who will call attention to the spreading of this Big Lie? I thought stuff like this was supposed to be an ‘attack on Democracy’ and threatening to our nation? Isn’t this fomenting insurrection? McAuliffe refuses to acknowledge that the 2000 election was valid. Both McAuliffe & Abrams are Democrats. They must therefore be supporting the misleading lies.

They are false claims that have no foundation in reality. She was “not entitled to become governor” because she lost decisively by more than 50,000 votes, that’s what happens when you lose. You can’t do anything else. People are not “entitled” to become governor, they have to earn it by winning the seat. But of course she’s suggesting that somehow some mysterious racist “they” wouldn’t let her become governor. Despite having more black voters than 2016, she lost. Maybe because some of them didn’t want to vote for her. Maybe that’s really why she’s so mad – that the voters rejected her.

When are the remarks of McAuliffe and Abrams going to get a “misleading” tag from Twitter? Isn’t this the sort of thing Twitter decried when they tagged truthful tweets about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Now we know because it’s Democrats, that it wouldn’t be called out at all because that’s where we are with the Democratic hypocrisy at this point.

The bottom line is? Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin is basically in a dead heat with McAuliffe, he’s talking real issues that concern people and not this nonsense. We may be hearing soon how McAuliffe was not “entitled” to become governor of Virginia either.

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