Last Week’s Insurrection Attempt In D.C. Exposes the Media for the Biased Positions They Hold – Opinion

After months of the media promising us that violence would erupt in the nation’s capital once again, it finally happened late last week. A group of protestors, angry with the federal government stormed a federal structure and took control for some time. This should not surprise you. Most likely, those who know about this event. It was our website that we discovered about it.It is possible to find it elsewhere, however.

This is interesting because since January 6, the journalists have been anxiously anticipating this exact activity. Just last month their latest promised uprising — the Justice for January 6 Rally — This was not a major news story. They continued to promise violence, but this was just another in a string of promises. A mob taking over a government building is sure to send tongues tingling all weekend. These seers looked at the crowd, and then walked away from the story quicker than a blind date with Sebastian Gorka.

This is because the people who pushed their way into the Interior Department Building were leftists and environmentalists. They are about as far from Donald Trump’s political spectrum as the sun. These groups are not only being resisted, there’s no way to support their 10 month-old narrative demonizing Trump or the Republican party. It would help to dilute their arguments if they highlighted the attack on a structure by polar opposites.

After some brief coverage, you are now ready to go.The entire story was dropped.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

It is not as if there were not a string of identifiers that would qualify Thursday’s attack as another insurrection. They attacked the government building. On the spot, they clashed against police. They entered illegally. Vandalism was evident. And all of this was done in stated opposition to Joe Biden’s agenda. All of the hallmarks of January’s mob hit were in play, complete with police being injured.

Climate protestors attempted to take over the Interior Department. Several people entered the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building at C Street NW. Police tried to secure one locked door, but protesters who refused to leave clashed with them. At times, some protestors tried to push through the lines of police.

The media mavens have another problem. This was a much more organised attack. These environmentalists weren’t splintering at a meeting elsewhere. They were part of an array of groups participating in protests and demonstrations. Biden had expressed his desire to overturn several environmental initiatives throughout the week, and many facilities were the targets of demonstrations.

Just chilling video. This is the first time we’ve seen such violence at Washington since the White House was destroyed in the War of 1812 . These events have been appropriately described. Instead, journalists at the information desks in town aren’t interested in elevating these events to levels of insurrection violence. 

You will see that no one attempted to overthrow government. This is a convenient dodge, not unlike organized treason displayed in January. There is one problem: the FBI. All but ended this chapter of the story.They confirmed that there were no terrorist organizations behind the attack at the Capitol. The press hasn’t been deterred from declaring January 31st was the final day of the year. Insurrection, and neither has another harsh reality — that nobody from that riot has been charged with insurrection, nor sedition.

CNNAlthough this was an option, the Justice Department did not consider it. They have since dropped the idea of charging anyone who entered the Capitol.

The Justice Department considered the possibility of prosecuting charges under the rare used statute in the weeks following the January 6th rebellion at the US Capitol. A conspiracy to seditiouslaw. This possibility has been resisted by top officials, especially since the Biden administration began.

Translation: These charges will not be accepted. The pundits still proclaim that insurrection occurred loudly. There is a reason that I included a link from CNN, and that is because their own news warblers, from Jim Acosta to Brian Stelter, and Chris Cuomo, along with others, continue to insist that an “insurrection” took place. It would be a statement that these cameras gargoyles are more knowledgeable than the DOJ if their accusations were to be believed.

Take a look at what happens when journalists make an accusation. In stories where there is a murder suspect, even one caught on video committing the homicide, they are referred to as “the suspect,” or “alleged killer.” For January 6, however, there is no legal allowance made for those held as a result of the attack. You never hear “The alleged Insurrectionists” nor even “Suspected of treason.

Media is content to label those who were arrested January 6 guilty of crime for which they are not charged. quite a departure for journalists. It leads to an abrupt end to their high-profile claims of governmental violence. After promising violence to return to Capitpl for months, the Capitpl must reduce or avoid any mention of it. Some insurrections seem more significant than others.

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