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President Joe Biden’s first 10 months in office has been a series of clusters, one right after the other and some simultaneous, from him bizarrely handing off the southern border crisis to his infamously inept Vice President Kamala Harris, to his gross mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic, the catastrophic and deadly failures of his Afghanistan exit strategy, the inflation woes brought on by his disastrous handling of the economy, and everything in between. These are all crises which are ongoing in real time and have no end in sight.

But in the midst of us all sitting around with bated breath waiting for the next likely preventable Biden administration screw-ups to unfold as it inevitably will, a video emerged last week that in my opinion should be considered (or at the very least in the top five) the defining video of Biden’s failed presidency.

Before I go to the clip let me be clear that there are many who believe that Biden’s March march video, in which he stumbles several times as he tries to climb the steps to board Air Force One, is his definitive footage of the presidency. My point is not to make a case against such opinions because in my view it’s a very close second to the one below.

It’s a video of Biden staring blankly at reporters as they yell out questions to him on some of the pressing issues of the day. After a short glance, Biden ignores the reporters and walks away robotically from them until he prepares to board Marine One.

Take a look at:

Every action he took in that video, from bypassing the reporters to looking at them aimlessly while walking away stiffly – every bit of it was a symbolic and depressing reminder of Biden’s failures to date as President, most notably the one where he feels like he owes no answers whatsoever to the American people for the damage he’s done and continues to do.

These reminders were even present during his press conference on the supply-chain crisis. After giving a pre-written statement, he walked away and didn’t answer any questions. This was not lost on many people, including media critic Joe Concha who got right to the heart of the matter when he mentioned how Biden “doesn’t have the confidence in his own arguments” to call off his aggressive handlers:

Even worse, the constant gaslighting that we witness from different figures within the administration actually wants us to believe it is the most transparent administration ever with the media. The exact opposite is true. This from the man who promised to “restore” the relationship between the press and the White House:

It’s all sound and fury, signifying nothing – and that’s exactly the problem. Joe Biden is a caricature of a President, a puppet of the radical left and senior officials who have to routinely pull his strings play clean-up when he messes things up, which must be an exhausting job since it’s a near-hourly occurrence with this President.

But back to the video, as I watched it, it made me sad, because regardless of what one thinks of Joe Biden, America needs a President who regardless of party affiliation can at least put on a good show of knowing what’s going on and looking engaged and interested. Joe Biden can’t do these basic functions.

Although people were warned of this man, the tweets that he sent were much more alarming to most in the lead-up to the election. And so, we are.

Don’t say we didn’t tell ya so, but we did.

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