South Carolina Bans Transgendered Females From Women’s Sports

Transgendered females will not have a chance to ruin women’s sports in South Carolina anymore.

A bill that was signed by South Carolina Governor. Henry McMaster (R), H.4608 will require athletes from middle school through college to participate in sports leagues according to the sex on their birth certificates.

“I think the girls ought to play girls and the boys ought to play boys. That’s the way we’ve always done it,” McMaster said before signing the bill into law.

As you can see, progressives loathed that politicians would stand up for logic and reason. They also protested the bill.

“Transgender youth are not a threat to fairness in sports, and this law now needlessly stigmatizes young people who are simply trying to navigate their adolescence, make friends, and build skills like teamwork and leadership, winning and losing,” said Ivy Hill, who is the Executive Director of Gender Benders and Community Health Program Director of Campaign for Southern Equality.

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Leave it to someone who runs a program with “Gender Benders” in the title to claim that this law is somehow a slight on transgendered youth.

Some people are sane enough to think that this development in The Palmetto State’s history is good.

“Male athletes do not belong in our daughters’ sports, period,” said Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project. “This is a view shared by an overwhelming majority of Americans, as our recent polling of battleground states has shown. Biology matters, and no amount of gaslighting by woke ideologues will change that.”

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