Sorry Dr. Fauci! Fears of Super-Spreader College Football Games Are Dashed

On Saturday, there was an amazingly positive COVID story TodayShaquille Browster, NBC’s reporter said that doctors found large attendances at open-air stadiums in the fall to be not super-preader events. 

“For weeks crowds in the tens of thousands, mostly unmasked have sat side by side now cheering on their teams at the halfway point of the season,” Brewster reported. All the while, doctors warned about games turning into super-spread events. This was a frightening possibility, with many hospitals on the verge of collapse.

NBC even showed Joy Reid and Dr. Fauci that their fears were wrong on MSNBC! 

JOY REID : I was so excited when I first saw it. COVID was about to feast. You thought that COVID was about to have a feast.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: It was exactly what I believed. I think it’s really unfortunate.

BREWSTER It never did.Now, all deaths and cases of covid are down in the nation.

[To Doctor]Are you more anxious about those packed scenes than in September?

Dr. HIREN POKHARNA (English): Yes. This makes me feel less anxious as there is a greater number of people who have been vaccinated. There has been a decline in the number of people who have been vaccinated. For sure.

BREWSTER: The number of cases is in decline across all college football states in the South. Florida was one example, with hospitalizations falling 64% in the last month. Despite the fact that there were 90,000 people at Gator Stadium.

Dr. CINDY PRINZ : We’re used to it not seeing it anymore. However, in real life I don’t think that the exposure to it is as significant as we believe.

BREWSTER: The doctors credit open-air games, the vaccination boost that occurred during the surge, as well as natural immunity, after Delta was swept through younger generations.

Outkick’s Nick Geddes advised that, as the NBA/NHL get into gear, there will be more fearmongering. Fauci and other physicians may see maskless faces in indoor venues.

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