Sonia Sotomayor Doesn’t Believe Her Own Vaccine Hype – Opinion

With Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for private employees biting the dust last week, that opened the door for the Supreme Court discussion we’ve all been waiting for: Justice Neil Gorsuch not wearing a mask at oral arguments.

No, I’m not being facetious. That is an actual “scandal” being bandied about right now. According to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s telling, Gorsuch selfishly put her health at risk by refusing to mask up, causing her to have to appear via video link instead of in person.

She’s continuing that trend this week, once again refusing to show up for work and blaming Gorsuch for putting her health in danger.

In response, the press tried to put the onus on Chief Justice John Roberts as a way to deflect from Sotomayor’s ridiculous move, claiming that he put a mask mandate in place. However, this claim seems to be false. There is no established rule that judges must wear masks when arguing.

To start, if Roberts had a backbone, he’d tell Sotomayor she can’t participate at all if she can’t bother to show up for work. This was the norm for Congress and the Supreme Court. People are now using Zoom links and proxy voting rules to gain political points.

Regardless, let’s note that every single justice on the Supreme Court is not only doubled vaccinated but they have all had boosters as well. Sotomayor’s obvious question is: Do you believe vaccines are effective? Is it possible to protect yourself against death and serious illness?

Consider the absurdity of her position. Sotomayor spread disinformation in her oral arguments for federal mandated vaccines to 100 million private workers. Yet, she clearly doesn’t trust the vaccines enough to sit 30 feet away from someone not wearing a mask — who is also fully vaxxed and boosted. What would she do if she tried to weaken her case?

For Sotomayor this is all about power. Gorsuch was forced to don a mask by Sotomayor to help her argue that the Pandemic is so severe that it no longer applies to the Constitution. “See, this virus is so dangerous that even all the conservative justices are masked up” she would have no doubt loved to bleat.

Gorsuch, to his credit refused to comply with her requests and instead threw them back at her. If she doesn’t want to trust the very vaccines she’s trying to mandate for the little people, then she can jump on Zoom and rant from her house. Gorsuch made the right move, and it’s one that needs to happen in a lot of different areas right now. Too many people have been compelled to accept the will of those who wish to keep their masks on between booster shots. These people ignore data and facts which show that masks can be ineffective.

This is the right time to say to these people that they should just ignore their fears and go home, if at all possible. And while Sotomayor’s actions may draw plaudits from the media, she’ll continue to be defeated in the arena that actually matters.

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