Liberal Comedian Offers Oral Sex to Anyone Who Punches ‘MAGA’ Teen in the Face

A previous version of this article identified Sarah Beattie as a “Saturday Night Live” contributor based on her past claims and reports by major news outlets. But representatives of “Saturday Night Live” and NBC have since revealed to Pluralist that Beattie does not actually work for the show, and never has. 

A liberal comedian on Monday offered oral sex to anyone who would assault a high schooler who recently faced-off with a Native American activist in a viral video.

Sarah Beattie, a vulgar feminist comedian and Twitter activist, declared in a since-deleted tweet: “I will blow whoever manages to punch that maga kid in the face.”

She was among a number of liberals who called for violence, jokingly or not, against Nick Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

Many others, including prominent journalists and celebrities, also expressed disdain for the boy and his classmates. Their outrage was based largely on a video posted online of him smiling as the protestor, Nathan Phillips, beat a drum and chanted in his face during a run-in between competing demonstrations Friday in Washington, DC.

The main triggers seemed to be Sandmann’s “smirk” and “Make America Great” cap, which were enough for him to be widely decried as a poster boy for bigotry in President Donald Trump’s America.

Sarah Beattie denies proof she was wrong about Nick Sandmann

Within hours, though, it became clear based on additional videos and accounts, including by Sandmann and Phillips, that the original narrative promulgated by the mainstream press and on social media was incomplete and misleading.

Sandmann and his fellow students had not simply acted as a kind of white mob to harass Phillips, an Omaha elder and Vietnam veteran. Rather, Phillips had initiated the confrontation as his Indigenous People’s March passed Sandmann and his cohort, which was part of the anti-abortion March for Life.

Meanwhile, Black Israelites were seen on video hectoring the boys.

As the facts emerged and conservatives pushed back, news outlets like The New York Times amended their coverage, and liberal commenters rushed to delete their over-the-top condemnations. Some, like prominent tech journalist Kara Swischer, issued mea culpas.

However, others tried to hold their ground, even as it emerged Tuesday that the most widely seen version of the original video was posted by a seemingly fake account that was subsequently banned by Twitter.

Beattie ― who presents herself as a kind of slutty anti-Trump troll, noting in her Twitter bio, “I have big tits” ― stood out for advocating violence against Sandmann even after the vilification of him had been largely debunked.

Although she was criticized for the tweet ― and later deleted it ― she remained committed to her overall view.

On Monday, Beattie followed-up by accusing Sandmann of “promoting an evil homophobic racist misogynistic sociopath” and sarcastically rejected the fact-based notion that he was mischaracterized.

And so, the non-incident between Sandmann and Phillips continued to spiral into a raging culture war.

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