Comedian Who Promised to ‘Blow’ Anyone Who Punches ‘MAGA’ Teen Exposed as Fraud

“She does not work for SNL and has never been employed by the show.”

“Saturday Night Live” has denied any connection to a liberal comedian who recently offered oral sex to anyone who would assault much-maligned high schooler Nick Sandmann.

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Sarah Beattie, 26, a raunchy feminist comic and Twitter activist, has long presented herself ― or allowed herself to be presented ― as a contributor to the late-night sketch comedy show on NBC. But a writer for the show and a senior network executive have denied those claims.

“[S]he does not work for SNL and has never been employed by the show,” the executive, who requested anonymity, told Pluralist in an email Wednesday.

Beattie, who regularly lambastes President Donald Trump, was among a number of prominent liberals who railed against against Sandmann, 17, for supposedly harassing a Native American activist in a viral video taken Friday in Washington, DC. She stood out for combining both sex and violence in her rhetorical attack.

“I will blow whoever manages to punch that maga kid in the face,” Beattie said Monday in a since-deleted tweet.

By the time Beattie posted her profane proposition, the notion that Sandmann and his Covington Catholic High School classmates had acted as a kind of racist white mob had already been thoroughly debunked. News outlets, journalists, and celebrities were backpedaling in the face of additional videos and first-hand accounts showing that the activist, Nathan Phillips, had broken off from the Indigenous People’s March to confront the Covington boy as they participated in the anti-abortion March for Life.

It seemed Sandmann’s worst offense was “smirking” and, along with some of the other boys, wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Conservative-leaning outlets and commentators, including Pluralist, thus covered Beattie’s tweet as part of the liberal overreaction to the incident. In most cases, Beattie was identified as a “Saturday Night Live” contributor.

However, on Tuesday, a writer on the show, Josh Patten, tweeted that Beattie is not actually his colleague. Patten demanded that The Gateway Pundit, a far-right news outlet, correct its article about her offer of fellatio accordingly.

In a follow-up tweet, Patten said “Saturday Night Live” was “going to clear up this confusion” by immediately beginning to credit its writers at the end of each show.

Beattie responded ambiguously, commenting that Patten’s was a “great idea,” and apologizing that it was necessary.

Patten’s statement ― and the NBC executive’s even stronger one ― contradict the public image Beattie has long cultivated.

According to the Wayback Machine, Beattie called herself an “snl contributor” in her Twitter bio least as far back as May 2014. (The internet archive has no previous records of her highly active account, which dates to 2009.) In January 2013, an entertainment website gave Beattie the same appellation in touting her role as an adviser on its list of the funniest women of all time.

Beattie removed the descriptor at some point between January 2017 and October 2017, the Wayback Machine showed, and it no longer appears there or on her Instagram page. But at the very least, Beattie does not seem to have stopped news outlets from continuing to use it. As recently as January 2017, Vogue called Beattie a “a contributing writer to ‘Saturday Night Live'” when it named her among five comedians who might help readers “stay sane” during Trump’s presidency.

Neither Patten nor Beattie responded to Pluralist’s request for clarification. However, she has refused to be cowed by facts in the past. Although she deleted her oral-sex tweet amid criticism, she on Monday accused Sandmann of “promoting an evil homophobic racist misogynistic sociopath,” i.e. Trump.

On Wednesday, she sarcastically thanked conservatives who had criticized her for bringing her more Twitter followers.

Beattie’s handling of the backlash to her tweet underlines the ways that social media has incentivized a ramping-up of the American culture wars. Compared to hyper-partisan internet comedians― like Beattie and Michelle Wolf on the left or Steven Crowder on the right ― the shots “Saturday Night Live” takes at Trump look tame. NBC appears unwilling to go fully wild, at least not yet.

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