Students Forced to Leave School After Posting ‘Smash or Pass’ Video Rating Local Girls’ Looks

Two male students were reportedly forced to leave their New York private school after they posted a video online rating the attractiveness of local girls.

The parent of one of the students, who attend Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt, told that her son was given an ultimatum.

Several days after a disciplinary hearing before the school’s principal, he was encouraged to withdraw from the private school or be expelled, the woman said.

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The video in question was reportedly part of the “smash or pass” trend popular among teens. The terms “smash” and “pass” refer to girls they would and would not sleep with, respectively.

According to the parent, a third student from Cicero-North Syracuse High School was involved in the video. The three high schoolers took turns rating the looks of approximately 20 teen girls from area schools, the woman said.

The video was posted to YouTube, but has since been removed, reported.

Christian Brothers Academy President Joseph Jozwiak told the students “opted to leave” the school.

The boy in question apologized online and directly to some of the girls rated in the video, his mother said. She also said her son regrets the video, which was a silly mistake.

A “toxic masculinity” issue?

The Christian Brothers Academy issue parallels a similar incident at a Maryland school earlier this year. In that case, a group of girls who had been rated on a “hot or not” list banded together to protest “male toxicity.”

The female students appeared on “Good Morning America” in March to express their disappointment with the disciplinary measures taken by Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and criticized patriarchal societal norms.

“I can guarantee this is happening in other high schools, but what makes us different, what makes this different, is that we took the initiative to stand up and say this is not right,” Bethesda-Chevy Chase student Yasmine Behbehani said. “Because we need to make a change, and this boys will be boys culture isn’t a culture that needs to exist anymore.”

The disappointment the teens felt in reaction to school administrators’ decision to only punish one male student spurred them to take action, holding weekly co-ed meetings and lecturing underclassmen on the dangers of toxic masculinity.

“We initially spoke with administration and began working with the creators of the list in order to design a kind of a school-wide approach to this issue of male toxicity in general,” student Lee Schwartz said.

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“We’ve had enough of being harassed, objectified, and viewed as less than,” student Virginia Brown said.

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