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Liberals Devastated to Learn Trump Aide Stephen Miller Has a ‘Cute’ Girlfriend

Commenters on social media expressed consternation, sadness and outrage after learning that Vice President Mike Pence’s new press secretary is dating Stephen Miller, a senior adviser for President Donald Trump.

NBC News reported Thursday morning that Pence had hired Katie Waldman, a former communications director for Republican Sen. Martha McSally.

A senior administration official told NBC News that Waldman is “pro-Trump and that checks all the boxes.” In a tweet just hours after the news of Waldman’s hiring broke, Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff revealed she was romantically involved with Miller, who, among liberals, is one of the most reviled Trump administration figures.

Trump administration critics took to Twitter to express their shock and disgust, many lamenting the fact that Miller had been able to get a girlfriend while they remained single and alone.

Liberal outlet Raw Story covered the story, using a headline that blared: “The Internet gags after learning Stephen Miller has a girlfriend.”

“Other Twitter users seemed shocked that the uncharismatic Miller — a White House senior adviser responsible for many of President Donald Trump’s most odious policies — had found a girlfriend,” wrote Raw Story’s Travis Gettys in a sub-100 word piece that was composed mostly of tweets.

Some Miller critics even conceded that his new beau was objectively “cute”:

This isn’t the first time a pro-Trump figure’s relationship status has confounded liberals

Earlier this year, Scott Adams’ model girlfriend tweeted photos of the happy couple vacationing in Hawaii, and some people were seriously triggered.

Most commenters expressed support or straightforward jealousy of Adams, the 61-year-old creator of Dilbert, for dating a 30-year-old woman who looks good in a bikini. But others seethed with resentment.

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Such outrage is nothing new for Adams. The cartoon mogul and author has been the target of liberal ire since he in 2015 made the then-implausible prediction that Donald Trump would be the next U.S. president.

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