Rumble Doubles Down On Decision To Allow Russian-Owned News

Rumble has doubled down its decision to permit RT to post to the platform.

The following is an extract from the Washington ExaminerYouTube banned RT earlier in March. This was when Russian-owned news agency had more than 4.5million followers.

“We began blocking RT & Sputnik’s YouTube channels across Europe,” YouTube said at the time. “Since Russia began its invasion in Ukraine, we’ve been focused on removing violative content & connecting people to trusted news & information.”

Rumble received emails from journalists that asked why it declined to follow YouTube’s policy and said it would not bow to “pressure from journalists demanding that we censor more.” The ExaminerAccording to Rumble, RT now has 43,000.

Also, the platform tweetedThese requests can be viewed in screenshots 

Rumble: “There’s a reason why the public is so against Big Tech and corporate media. It is because they have arrogantly claimed the power to determine for the public which information and views they can trust to be heard and expressed.” saidIncluded screenshots from the emails. Rumble, in stark contrast to other sites, is growing rapidly because adults trust that they will make informed decisions and decide for themselves what ideas are worth expressing. 

Laura Dodsworth, a writer, supported this decision.

She said, “The more theycensor, the greater number of people will find ways around them.” tweeted. Because people can be trusted to make the right decisions (duh!). People can be trusted to make their own decisions (duh! ), but also because they are naturally ingenious and have the capacity to solve problems. Communication and honesty are two of the most important qualities that humans have. 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald labeled the emails journalists sent to Rumble that asked for RT’s removal as “surreal and dangerous.”

Greenwald tweeted that Rumble’s decision to keep the channel “needs to happen at all costs.”

“It cannot be overstated: (a) how surreal and dangerous it is that the leaders of the campaign for greater censorship are “journalists” (i.e., employees of large media corporations) and (b) how vital it is to have free speech platforms resisting this coercion to censor,” he added.

Conservatives under threat Your senators, representatives, and local politicians should contact you to insist that all ideas supported by them protect conservative speech. The First Amendment should be respected by tech giants. It must also allow users to express themselves freely as interpreted and enforced by the U.S. Supreme Court. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s Use the contact formHelp us to hold Big Tech responsible.

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