Frank James Charged With Terrorist Attack in Subway Shooting, as Prior Arrest History Comes Out – Opinion

We reported that Frank James was arrested by the police in connection to the attack on the Brooklyn subway. Zack Dahnan, a citizen who saw Frank James in East Village and called police for help, was able to tip off the authorities.

Zack’s enthusiasm for catching him is infectious, and he’s become an instant hero to the folks in New York.

The reward was $50,000, which Zack of New Jersey received. In something of an ironic twist, while the MTA cameras failed to pick up James’ escaping after the attack because they failed, Zack is a security camera installer. Perhaps they could hire him to fix those cameras.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Frank James had at least 12 prior arrests — at least nine in New York and three in New Jersey — although most of the arrests were old and may not have been felonies. There was a criminal sexual charge included among the offenses — so that might have been a more serious charge.

Here’s a video of him trying to get into the subway, but he had trouble getting through the turnstile with all the gear that he was carrying for the attack, plus he’s a very big man.

So much for the description of 5’5′ and green vest — he’s much taller and the vest was orange. He was tall and heavy. That may be why he wasn’t immediately caught — the description was off. After photos began showing of him, he was arrested.

He’s now been charged by the DOJ with a terrorist attack on mass transit.

There had been prior reports that placed him in the FBI’s Guardian lead system in New Mexico. It’s not clear why, and they’re looking at whether he had any connections to any group. He was interrogated in 2019, but the lead wasn’t pursued.

We cited an NBC report about a stabbing in our report about James being arrested, but as far as I can tell at this point, there wasn’t any stabbing at the time he was arrested — so I’m not sure what they were referring to. This could be a different event. I just wanted to make that clear. We’ll let you know if we hear anything more on that. It seems that he was simply taken into custody.

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