The View: SCOTUS to ‘Pass a Bill’ ‘On Their Desk’ to Make NY ‘Open Carry’

In the wake of the shooting on a New York City subway, the cast of ABC’s The View kicked off Wednesday’s edition of the show with absolutely insane anti-gun arguments. One guest claims “most” gun owners shoot themselves while co-host Joy Behar claimed there were 130 mass shootings this year. Dumber yet, Behar warned the Supreme Court was going to “pass a bill” over “New York City State laws” that would make everything “open carry.”

As part of the performance that would make any reasonable person ask “how dumb is this woman,” Behar interrupted an asinine conversation decrying states going to permitless carry to show her ignorance of basic civics:

A bill is on its way to the Supreme CourtContrary to New York City State law. They would prefer that the New York City State laws be enforced. It has been placed on someone’s deskNew York needs to be an open carry country. People should be able to carry guns. People – middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.

Asides from the claim that New York was now suddenly a “city state,” the Supreme Court doesn’t “pass” or sign legislation, they deal with litigation. And the case before them isn’t about “open carry,” it’s reviewing New York’s “may issue” status and could make it a “shall issue” state. This means there is still a permitting process and they must issue a permit if there’s no issue with a background check.

Behar, citing no evidence, started the discussion by asserting “we are 103 days into 2022, and there have already been more than 130 mass shootings in America this year alone.” And despite admitting “that sounded so high to me,” she took it as fact.



There have been many mass shootings, but it is impossible to measure. And if it was true, why hasn’t the media covered each and every one of them?

She then parroted the false talking point that gun violence was a “uniquely American problem” and decried the Second Amendment. Julia Haart was then selectively selected (without considering their violent crime rate) by Guest Julia Haart to claim. “When you take away guns, you take away gun violence.”

How do you propose taking away America’s guns Julia?

The solution is declared so “common-sense gun legislation,” co-host Sunny Hostin quoted an outdated poll saying “something like 85 percent or more” support gun control.

Realism is the reality. A Morning Consult/Politico poll revealed that Republicans are leading Democrats in gun rights trust at 46-38%. Then there’s the fact that younger people are turning away from gun control with about 45 percent supporting it, down 20 points since 2018 according to an ABC News poll.

Hostin slammed states that permitless gun carry for causing the violence in America, ignoring the fact one has to go through a background check in order to obtain a firearm. She then made the ridiculously false claim that all the violent crime in America was happening in Republican-controlled areas and it was just a “messaging” issue for Democrats:

When you think about Republican States, Gun violence is at an all-time high in Republican-led cities and states. So, It’s an errorIt is possible to state that this — an increase in gun violence, seems in Democrat-run Cities, which has been Republican Party policy for so long. I feel that Democrats must do something to change that message.

In the meantime, swing states like Ohio may allow no carry.

Hostin conflated the generic “murder rate” with the suggestion they were all carried out with guns and they largely happened in Red states. “The five states with the highest per capita murder rate,Mississippi, Louisiana. Kentucky. Alabama. And Missouri, all lean Republican, all voted for Trump, and, in fact, what’s interesting is the study found that murder rates in the 25 states Trump carried in 2020, 40 percent higher overall,”She snorted.

If those fact-free and out-of-context statistics weren’t outrageous enough, Haart chimed in again to claim “most … people who own guns in their house, the person they’re most likely to shoot is themselves.”

Behar returned with another round of revisionist ideas as they neared the commercial break. She claimed that President George W. Bush was hers. “lifted the ban” on assault rifles after taking office. “I mean, it’s as clear as the nose on your face,” she chided weak “Republican” Alyssa Farah Griffin who didn’t push back on any of this nonsense.

Behar made any corrections to the record only after the break. “I want to correct one small thing I said, which is that George Bush basically overturned the AR-15 law. He just let it expire,” she admitted.

Joy, there is nothing about the Supreme Court making laws. No, of course not. They were living up to those “ABC News standards.”

Olay and Ensure sponsored Olay to make the lies and nonsense around guns possible. You can find their contact information here.

Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
April 13, 2022
Eastern at 11:02 a.m.

JOY BEHAR: We are now 103 days in 2022 and already there have been over 130 mass shootings across America this year. That’s right! It sounded too high.


BEHAR: Ten commuters were shot by a gunman yesterday in New York’s worst subway shooting. All are safe, and Frank James has been arrested. But, there are the regular allegations that the left is too soft on crime. At the same time red states like Georgia make it easy to acquire guns.

It seems that this is an American tragedy. It’s a mystery to me why this problem isn’t solved. Julia explained to me that this isn’t a problem where guns aren’t everywhere.


BEHAR: These countries don’t have the second amendment. This is what I consider the main difference.

HAART:  That’s the problem. Look at the U.K. and you’ll see that there’s very little gun violence. New Zealand is what you see; Australia is what you see. When you take away guns, you take away gun violence.



Eastern at 11:04 a.m.

HOSTIN : It seems that the solution has been around for quite some time. This is common-sense gun legislation. Republicans block it across the board. It is supported by all Americans. It’s probably somewhere around 85 percent, or even more. You can ask me directly what these stats are.

But it is not all about funding the police. Biden clearly stated that the Democratic Party does not believe that. Nancy Pelosi is clear. To be precise, the NYPD’s annual budget stands at $11 million. This is more than what the Ukrainian military has. Right? So it is not all about funding. This is about gun legislation.

Joy said that Georgia now has more than 20 states that allow concealed weapons without the need for a permit or license. If you look at Republican states, the rate of gun violence increases in Republican-led state and city governments. This is why it seems a bit misleading to state that the increase in gun violence has occurred in Democrat run cities. That’s the Republican Party line, so I feel that Democrats must change their messaging.


Eastern at 11:06:19

HOSTIN. The five highest murder rates per capita in Mississippi, Louisiana Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri were all Republican. What’s more, a study showed that overall murder rates in Trump-leaning states are 40 percent higher.


Eastern, 11:07:44

HAART: Do you know that most – I read this article that people who own guns in their house, the person they’re most likely to shoot is themselves.

HOSTIN: It’s themselves.

BEHAR: Themselves.

HAART: A child who, God forbid!, finds and takes the gun.


Eastern at 11:08:24

BEHAR: New York City’s laws are being challenged by the Supreme Court. There are very strict gun laws. They would prefer that somebody had written the suggestion to make New York an open carry state. People should be able to carry guns. People – middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.



Eastern at 11:09:33

BEHAR: There was an AR-15 ban, but George W. Bush won and lifted that ban. The numbers have increased steadily since that time. You can see it as clearly as your nose. That Republicans have a – they’ve been pulling to con job for years on us saying it’s Democrats when they’re the ones who support the NRA. Democrats do not have the NRA’s ten rating. The Republicans have the highest ratings, with many having high NRA ratings.


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