Ron DeSantis Has the Perfect Response to Getting the Elon Musk Nod – Opinion

It seems like a lot of fun to get Elon Musk’s approval for political office. Whether or not it actually convinces people to vote for someone is yet to be seen, but judging by the victory enjoyed by Mayra Flores, it probably doesn’t hurt.

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Musk was asked after Flores’s victory who he thought the favorite was for President in 2024 and Musk wasn’t even remotely unsure about his answer. It’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

It’s quite remarkable to receive the thumbs-up from the man who is arguably the most beloved in America. This is the most convincing evidence to suggest that voters are abandoning the Democratic Party because of its radicalism, incompetence and lack thereof.

But DeSantis is always one to play it cool and upon being asked how he felt getting the nod from Musk, the Florida governor assured everyone that while he was strictly focused on 2022’s upcoming midterm elections, it’s always cool to get a vote from an African-American.

Chad energy.

It’s a response that is likely going to make leftist identitarians grind their teeth, but DeSantis is good at two things: being America’s best governor and trolling the left.

DeSantis still hasn’t indicated that he’s running for office in 2024, and when pressed on the issue, DeSantis tends to shut it down and change the subject. At one point he said it was “futile” to keep pressing him on the question and refuses to even contemplate what a DeSantis vs. Trump primary would look like.

Bonchie, Bonchie’s colleague, pointed out DeSantis is near the end in his term for Florida governor. And his iron is hot enough that he can strike. DeSantis’ momentum will be lost if he keeps his eyes off the politics for too long. His chances of winning would likely diminish. If he’s going to run, it’ll be 2024.

This has already begun to divide some in the Republican Party as they’ve already pledged unfaltering loyalty to Trump, and are ready to take down anyone who might stand in the way of this, including DeSantis. How this will work itself out remains to be seen, but no matter the outcome, Democrats aren’t going to be well equipped to handle either winner.

The next presidential election is still a couple of years away, and this gives Democrats a little bit longer to get themselves together, but at the rate, they’re going they’re not doing anything to seem remotely capable. They’re leaderless and without a plan at this moment. This could change sooner than later, but it doesn’t look likely.

This is why Musk is eyeing DeSantis…and why a lot of America is too.

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