Dems Desperate Over Endangered Seat in Maryland—With Young Republican Giving Them Fits – Opinion

We need more conservative people in power who will stand for American principles and resist the Democrats. We’ve had enough of the compromisers and the ones who, when they get into power, always seem to turn it right over to the Democrats. To fight that battle, we need people who are strong across the nation.

Democrats in all races are facing serious problems. One of the races that is “vulnerable” to being flipped is Maryland’s 6th District, presently held by Rep. David Trone (D-MD), the progressive multimillionaire owner of Total Wine.

One of the people running against him is the youngest in any of the races, 25-year-old “conservative reporter and outsider” Matthew Foldi, who touts that he used to work for the Free Beacon, “exposing” the Biden team and Democrats, as one of the reasons to vote for him. Foldi still has to win in the primary but he’s already taking big whacks at his Democratic opponent for not going in to work and not having his office open for his constituents.

“I’ll stop this madness- and I’ll actually show up to work,” Foldi says in his ad. He said the district being represented by a “part-time” representative ends the day he’s elected.

Foldi provided some outstanding reporting regarding a conflict that was not widely reported on in the Biden administration. This involved Jennifer Granholm, and her stock in Proterra electric vehicle batteries company. His reporting made her have to sell the stock, and he said he’d use subpoena power to figure out to whom she sold it.

“I think voters and the American people realize there’s a lot of sketchy stuff going on in the Biden administration, but we cannot count on the mainstream media to do that,” Foldi told Fox News last month. “And I felt like in what I could do as a journalist, my role was limited… The Biden administration can ignore us, and we unfortunately don’t have subpoena power as journalists.”

Foldi said his reporting for the Free Beacon inspired him to give up his journalism career and run for office himself after he exposed Democratic lawmakers who’ve continued working remotely instead of from their offices in D.C. and in their home districts, accusing them of having a “part-time job” as U.S. representatives.

The young Maryland native – whose reporting has landed him on popular cable news programs such as “Tucker Carlson Tonight” – is calling for a “new generation to take over this country,” accusing President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “destroying this country.” Foldi was just 12 years old when Biden was first elected vice president and only 10 when Pelosi first became speaker of the House.

“They’re not in touch with the consequences of their failures They don’t even know how to fill up a tank of gas, and they have no idea how much it costs. They don’t know anything about the supply chain crisis. They do not deal with rising crime that we’re dealing with. Their kids do not go to public schools,” he said.

Foldi looks as if he is giving Trone and Democrats fits.

Trone notes he was named to the “@dccc Frontline,” meaning that he’s going to get extra attention because they’re very afraid that his seat might be flipped.

This is how bad it gets. They have 33 people they are designating as “more vulnerable.”

What’s their response to all this? Not any greater insight, no better policies to repair what they’ve messed up. How did they approach it? Let’s call everyone “extremist MAGA Republicans.”

DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney told Roll Call, “Extremist MAGA Republicans’ disastrous agenda for America is on the ballot this November and voters are going to reject it.” Ah, yeah, no. Maloney needs to check in with CNN’s Harry Enten and see that Americans are going for Republicans big time on the generic ballot, with the best number in history, going back to 1938.

Expect a lot more tantrums as they go along, especially if there are a lot. You will never be able to resist the wave.

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