Renewed Calls for Court Packing Follow the SCOTUS Leak; ‘Keep the Nine’ Coalition Welcomes the Conversation – Opinion

The United States Supreme Court’s independence was protected by 15 ex-State Attorneys General, 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans, in 2021 when Democrats were trying to get a court-packing law passed. The former AGs created a potential Constitutional Amendment and began to work on getting it approved by Congress. It was then ratified and endorsed by the States, which is what we need in order to amend our Constitution.

This bipartisan coalition, now known as Keep Nine Coalition has won the support of more than 200 Members of CongressHouse candidates for the 2022 U.S. House electionsMore than 20 U.S. Senate Candidate for 2022A growing number of States Legislative chambers, Governors and Lieutenant Governors. Attorneys General. A Secretary of State. Treasurer. Auditor.

Paul Summers, former attorney general of Tennessee and Appellate court judge is one of the spokespersons for the Keep Nine Coalition. I spoke with AG Summers about the SCOTUS leak, the renewed cries by the Democrats to pack the court, and how this has brought renewed recognition to the Keep Nine Coalition’s mission.


AG Summers shared some amazing insights about the SCOTUS leak. Some of these I also posited here. My term, “bright, shiny objects” fits here, as well as a full frontal attack on what is left of the Supreme Court’s integrity.

“This is nothing but politics, plain and simple. It impugned the integrity of the Supreme Court.”

AG Summers reports that our country had nine Supreme Court Justices over the past 153 years. That’s more than half the life of our Republic. AG Summers believes that this figure should never be reduced and shouldn’t be endangered by politics. The Keep Nine Coalition is educating and petitioning the American people. AG Summers discovered that the majority of Americans don’t like AG Summers. including lawyers,I believe this is a requirement in the Constitution. Our nation needs civics education, as well as a greater understanding of the principles and practices behind lawmaking.

AG Summers was happy to share one positive thing. Court packing has returned, so the Keep Nine Coalition will be able to contribute facts and solutions. AG Summers spoke out about the most frightening fear of Democrats.

“The Democrats feel like there is going to be a Red Wave from November 8. They are doing all they can right now to change the narrative from rampant inflation, crime all over the nation, the Afghanistan withdrawal, you name it.”

AG Summers spoke out to say that the tactics will not be applied to Justices.

“I can tell you now from being an appellate judge, it ain’t going to work.”

Here’s more about how the Keep Nine Coalition was formed, and how you can be a part of helping to secure the Supreme Court’s integrity and purpose.

Visit to learn more about AG Summers’ and others’ work for the Keep Nine Coalition.

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