TV Journalists: Roe Decision Signals End Interracial Marriage, School Desegregation

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. WadeThe news was leaked and television journalists still struggle to grasp the information. But although the hysterics haven’t ceased, the talking heads do appear to have decided on a messaging strategy: that this decision signals the beginning of a massive Judicial rollback of 14th individual rights.

According to liberal broadcast network and cable channels, Roe’s end signals that everything is on the verge of collapse, including gay marriage, interracial marriage, school desegregation, as well as homosexual marriage. Watch:



Joy Behar on ABC’s The View had already discovered this line of argument within hours of the draft opinion being leaked: “Next they’ll go after gay marriage and maybe, what is it, Brown v. Board of Education.”

“That’s what the concern is,” CNN’s Don Lemon explained to viewers on May 5. “That it’s going to lead to other things. That it’s a slippery slope.”

“There have been real concerns that this does go beyond abortion,” observed MSNBC’s Morning JoeJoe Scarborough, co-host of the show on May 10, was also present. He added that he did not believe Justice Alito that the decision did not also have implications for “contraceptive rights,” “interracial marriage,” and “marriage equality.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: If you pull on that thread, on Roe, you’re pulling on that thread of Griswold, of Loving, of marriage equality, of all of these rights to privacy that the court has found over the past fifty, sixty, seventy years, that was contained in the constitution.

JONATHAN LEMIRE: Yeah, I don’t know why any American, or any voter, or any Democrat should believe them. They think that this decision will stop it. Why wouldn’t they think it’d be an infringement on other rights, a restriction, a removal of other rights?

It’s difficult to imagine any of these so-called journalists actually believe that the Supreme Court would go after interracial marriage or school desegregation. The media narrative is an attempt to gain political capital by Democrats in the run-up to the midterm elections.

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