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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in one of its most absurd tweets, made one of most insane arguments for abortion support. The organization claimed restricting abortion would disproportionately impact members of marginalized Americans and insisted that preserving the practice “is an urgent matter of racial and economic justice.”

The ACLU sent out this tweet Wednesday:

Prohibiting abortion is a disproportionately harmful thing:

▪️ Black, Indigenous & other people of color

▪️ the LGBTQ community

▪️ immigrants

▪️ young people

▪️ those working to make ends meet

▪️ people with disabilities

It is urgently necessary to protect abortion access.

The group’s tweet was met with much criticism from users pointing out that women are most affected by abortion. People were puzzled as to why left-leaning organisations like the ACLU want more black babies being killed in their wombs.

Also, I chimed in via Instagram

The ACLU’s tweet is just one example demonstrating how the hard left pro-abortion crowd sees these issues. They claim they oppose white supremacy. But, for being people who are pro-abortion, it is clear that they care about seeing non-white populations of women destroying their children at an alarming rate. They seem to be focusing on straight, white men with no disabilities as the only people they want to protect. All other people should simply kill their infants in the first place, and not even think about it.

The majority of Planned Parenthood centres are found in minorities. For decades, Democrats in these areas have refused to change policy. They are responsible for the reason why many women end their pregnancies. While they know this, they ensure that the majority of minorities live in poverty, deal with criminality, and get substandard education. They are well aware that this will ensure these populations have as few abortions as possible.

They not only sell abortion to black or brown communities but also enlist black and white faces to help them to kill the victims. This tap dancing group is either in the loop or deceived. To make their personal gains, these tap-dancing types will rather sell out their own people than hold the leadership accountable for destroying their communities and selling the death of infants. At some point, Democrats’ ability to exploit these folks will come to an end. It seems that this may happen sooner than we thought, given current trends.

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