Puget Sound Pronouns Manager: Move Gay World Series From Texas

There’s a lot of talk about war now, and not all of it concerns Russia. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott and Republicans are being accused of “waging a war” on transgender children. Recently, the governor declared hormone treatments, hormonal blockers and other surgical interventions to be child abuse. This prompted a number of LGBT athletes to call for the removal of Gay Softball World Series from Texas. 

Gov. Abbott’s mandate requires that doctors, nurses and teachers report to the state any gender-affirming care provided to children. He and Attorney General Ken Paxton call that abuse and say there should be “criminal penalties” for failure to report it. 

This summer’s Gay Softball World Series is scheduled for Dallas. Trans activists demand that it be relocated. That hasn’t happened yet, but transgender Britney Miller who manages the Puget Sound Pronouns (how rich is that!!) This is what it ought to be.: 

“This cruel mandate in the state should have been met with a very simple and immediate statement from the event’s governing body, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance: ‘Due to Texas’ cruel mandate to criminalize gender-affirming care for trans youth, NAGAAA has made the decision to relocate the 2022 Gay Softball World Series to another location, to be announced at a later date.’” 

Two Seattle-area teams have said they won’t play in Texas. Four trans players in Seattle’s Emerald City Softball Association condemned what Texas has done. Portland’s team demanded a boycott on the World Series. 

Softball player Sara Fetters said, “This is a despicable act that, if allowed to proceed, will directly lead to the death of some trans children.”  

Amanda Bonfield, also a player, said she “was appalled” by the events in Texas and said it criminalizes trans kids and “their loving parents.” 

Rabecka Salisbury, a veteran LGBT athlete, “felt crushed for those children and their families. I immediately realized that this is the first step towards other policies and laws down the line to target transgender and non-binary individuals’ civil liberties … they (North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance) have never done anything to curb the transphobic and misgendering behaviors of their member cities.” 

Austin Sprague expressed fear for closeted trans children: “I am afraid of all the children who would fear they cannot live in this kind of world and take their own lives when they could have been otherwise supported and celebrated. This mandate is child abuse.” 

Bonfield stated that Texas should be economically hurt by removing the event and making it lose $5-7million. It is an old trick used by LGBT people. Instead of looking at the negatives, they pressurize businesses to fear financial losses. 

Pronouns manager Miller said trans activists should wave the flag, “but in the end, monsters like Abbott would laugh at us on the pile of money we pour into his state during the GSWS.” She is urging people to sign her petition that the World Series be moved out of Dallas. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are standing strong. GOP senators last week included their intentions to protect the integrity of women’s sports in an 11-point election campaign. 

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