Polling Shows 80 Percent of Dems Support Travel Mask Mandate – Opinion

Even after a federal judge ruled Monday against the CDC’s federal travel mask mandate, a new poll from AP-NORC shows that 56 percent of respondents favored forced masking on planes and other forms of public transportation. While 24 percent of those surveyed oppose these mandates, another 20 percent don’t have an opinion. (Who the heck doesn’t have an opinion at this point?!)

Not surprisingly, there’s a huge partisan divide. Fully 80 percent support mandatory masks for buses, trains, planes and trains. Only 33 percent are in favor.

These are the results of a national poll that shows how respondents voted. (Credit: APNORC.org)

The survey was carried out by AP–NORC from April 14-18 with 1,085 adult participants via cellphone or landline. The sampling error margin is +/– 3.9 percentage points.

The party breakdown showed that 44% of the population was Democrat and 20% Independent. Only 36% were Republican. You can make of this what you like.  The gender split was 48 to 52 for males and 52 to 53 percent for females.

It’s clear that the mask zealots are not going to give up easily. New York City–insanely–continues its forced masking policy for children 5 and under, while mandates at colleges and universities are actually on the on the rise.

MSNBC’s Dr. Kavita Patel goes so far as to suggest that when travelling, you should try to force your seat neighbors to mask up:

It’s not clear that she’s suggesting you lie, but it sure sounds like it when she recommends saying, “I have an elderly mother at home, I’ve got a child with cancer at home. Will you please do me a favor?” At least she prefaces it by saying, “I know this sounds crazy…” Yes. It does.

Although many people question the effectiveness mask mandates with the exception of the Washington Post admitting in February that “mask mandates didn’t make much of a difference anyway.” Meanwhile violence “up in the air” has surged, and the masks are clearly to blame. Conflicts are often caused by passengers refusing to wear masks or Karen harassing people who expose their naked faces.

Here’s my favorite mask nut of the day (hat tip to Bonchie(Second picture:

Ann Bauer is a brilliant writer.

If 56 percent of people really want to keep masks mandates, some aspiring entrepreneur should start a mask-only airline, “MaskAir” or something.  It’s possible Elon Musk would start it, if he has the means to afford it.

However, not everyone was happy that the mandated masks were removed. As RedState reported, there’s been a multitude of viral videos around the internet lately showing passengers cheering and celebrating the end of an era.

Even as I’m writing this, though, the CDC and the Biden administration are fighting back, Fox News reports:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking the Department of Justice to proceed with its appeal of a ruling issued by a Florida judge on Monday which tossed out the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation passengers.

They just can’t let go.

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