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Pete Buttigieg (the Secretary of Transportation) took two months off in order to go on paternity leaves. He’s still on leave. No one noticed he was gone until recently, but that’s another story. Mike Miller (my colleague) has a good explanation.

Buttigieg is not supported by his colleagues. It’s really kind of stunning that Buttigieg has managed to take 25 percent of his time on the job, off. He’s been at home with his husband and two newborns.  Neither parent are “birthing persons,” so why two months? Because he can. Even with the growing supply chain problems, Buttigieg is not regretful.

He’s gamed the system, but he’s the victim. Buttigieg quickly blamed the “right-wing” for being anti-family. That’s not the issue, Pete. It’s the secretary of transportation taking two months off in the middle of a national supply chain crisis.

It was turned into gay-bashing by his supporters. It’s not, of course –- it’s the timing (mid-crisis) and length of the leave (two months). If there were difficult deliveries, postpartum depression or mom in pain, I could see a one-month extension. However, there’s no mother. Buttigieg has a husband. Neither of them are hurting after their twins’ birth.

I’m a father of three. Each of the three had C-sections. For about one week, my wife was very pained. After a hard week, I was able to get a job and to help my wife in the evening. My wife, credit to me, got back on her feet within just a few weeks. My wife and I got along well after work. After I returned home, I was able to assume the role of mom. It wasn’t that hard, Pete.

This isn’t about Buttigieg being gay. It’s about gaming the system. It’s about whining when you got caught gaming the system. It’s about a guy with, ostensibly, a lot of responsibility who disappeared for two months. Buttigieg can blame externalities for the complaints, and he can play victim  — but this all on you, new dad. It was you who peed on your pants. Make sure you clean it up.

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