Ottawa Police Excuse for Horses Running Over Freedom Convoy Protesters Departs From Reality – Opinion

This is the story of the Ottawa police officers who ran over the horses of two men.

Despite protesters being peaceful, the police ran their horses in front of a large crowd faster than they needed to. They knocked down a woman with what looked like a disability scooter. A man dressed in brown and wearing a knit hat tried to protect her.

People yelled at them about being trampled and they were both knocked down to the floor. Later reports claimed that the woman died. However, we know that this was false as the woman was still standing after the incident.

According to the police, everyone was able get up and walk again afterward. However, the police appear to have lied about the whole incident by claiming that a bike was being thrown at a horse.

From what we can see from the multiple videos, there was no “bicycle” thrown. The disabled woman had a scooter which she didn’t throw, since pictures show her still on it after she is run over by the police horses.

Now, there was another protester with a bicycle but he didn’t throw it, as we can see here. He had nothing to do about them running over other people. He was holding onto it as a barrier against the police; it’s a common protester move.

It was wrong for the police to run horses so fast through crowds. That’s a bad move right down the line. If no one was seriously hurt — and we don’t know that yet — it was by the grace of God, not because the police acted properly.

Then their story kept evolving from thrown bicycle to adding later that the “horse tripped.” The horses didn’t trip; they ran them right at the people. This isn’t going to look good for Justin Trudeau, when these pictures are splashed all over the front pages of media. Here is the point where Trudeau’s invocation of Section 201(Emergencies Act) has made this possible. The violence that he described was actually on the part the police. In spite of multiple footage showing them beating, punching and kick people, police claimed no one had been hurt. The police must now answer for their actions.

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