Only Thing Left for Biden to Do Is Take Putin Behind a Gym and Beat the Hell out of Him – Opinion

We are now in 2022 and Joe Biden is leading the United States of America.

Back in the day, the leader of the United States was considered the “Leader of the Free World,” but nowadays it means something not as awe-inspiring and that is truly a shame. In the less than 250 years since its foundation, this country has contributed more to the advancement of humanity and freedom causes than any other nation since the Earth was cooled.

We are here now being lead by Scranton Joe Biden, a smart-mouthed, not-so tough guy. Although this is embarrassing for America it means that America and the entire world are going to suffer. It is because of this embarrassment that I decided to cancel my trip in Italy. She, of course, is just scared that her favorite dessert from Italy, Tiramisù, might not be readily available because of a war.

It is a poor thing.

I hesitated about commenting on Russian politics IncursionInvasion of Ukraine. I cannot comprehend the events that have occurred in Ukraine over the past 18-months. In June 2020 we had to deal with COVID and thought that dirty socks kept the worst virus from infecting you. Over 3 1/2 years Orange Guy was at the helm. We were warned that war was imminent with almost everyone. Yet, it never came to pass.

We now have the biggest land invasion of Europe in 13 months, only thirteen months after President Obama was elected. If you don’t recall the stellar analysis of the guy who at the time was running for POTUS, here you go.

The only thing I’m wondering about that tweet is why the person who wrote it on Joe’s behalf, hit send.

Although the war in Ukraine has been brought about by force, the Ukrainians seem to be more resilient than Vlad and his Kremlin comrades. My colleague Nick AramaReport: Russia Failing to Meet Objectives on the First Day Despite Brave Ukrainian Defence

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t going as easily as I think Vladimir Putin thought it would go.

They are currently facing tough fighting from both the Ukrainians, as well as the thousands of Russian protesters who have voted against the war. That’s quite something, given the oppressive state of Russia and how they would face immediate retribution. Protesters still came out.

Ukraine was able to retake an airport taken by the Russians. So, Russia isn’t going to be able to do what they wanted because they haven’t met the goals they were trying to meet by now – which was to seize all the airports.

Now that Putin is toe-to-toe with Joe, the White House has announced that sanctions will be in place for the rest of the year.The White House Appears to Fly the White Flag in Response to Russian Sanctions() What’s next?

Biden’s United States of America will find it difficult to maintain its alliance for sanctions against Russia. Joe does not fear them. They pretend to respect him but most of these people on the world stage have known about Joe’s bumbling and stumbling for years. They knew him as a Senator and Veep when he was at his peak, but that wasn’t much different from the 2.0-era version they see as President.

Biden is a leader in the global arena and all of them have been toe-to-toe with him. His ability to fill a balloon of hot air with little else is a problem for the United States and the world.

Although they might all hate Trump, many of them feared the worst. This is probably why Putin didn’t press this invasion issue during President Mean Tweets at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mentioning POTUS 45, maybe you recall when Scranton Joe did one of his puff-his-chest-out routines and acted like the tough guy he never was and told a story about how when he was a “pretty damn good athlete,” he would have kicked Trump’s butt in high school.

Joe couldn’t kick athlete’s foot any more than he could someone’s butt behind a gym or anywhere else. Perhaps that’s the solution to this problem: Have Biden put Putin up against it behind a gym, to end this entire invasion mess.

Perhaps we could make it pay-per view to raise sufficient money for cancer research.

That or pay off Hunter Biden’s paternity woes.

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