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Given the madness currently permeating the world, be it Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the feckless Biden Administration’s even more feckless response, or the utterly inane insanity being preached by leftists regarding the invasion, it’s a good time to remember two fundamental facts guiding this dusty orb we call home: One, God is still in charge. The second is that even God’s patience can come to an end.

With these in mind, I’ve put together a new episode of my Cephas Hour podcast. Cephas hour is an almost weekly podcast that presents the very best of Christian pop and rock from both then and now. In the new episode, I’ve selected the songs based on a theme of combating the aforementioned madness. The artists this time through are Bringing Home, Daniel Amos, DeGarmo and Key, Larry Norman, Oden Fong, Rachel Wilhelm, Richie Furay, Shelly Moore, The Front, The Lost Dogs, and Vector.

The show starts with “Judas Within” by Vector, detailing the evil indwelling humanity.

From there the mood shifts to combating the pain within, leading with the powerful “To the Ones” by Bringing Home.

The set includes songs of joy and comfort in Christ from Shelly Moore, Rachel Wilhelm and others.

Next, the songs will be about evangelism and talk about why it is so important. It is impossible to know what the future holds, and life cannot be guaranteed. God is the only way to save people. Now. The Front, DeGarmo & Key, and Larry Norman are the artists.

Regardless of when it will happen, Christ’s Second Coming will happen. The show’s third set examines this from multiple views. The Lost Dogs’ apocalyptic visionary skills are first. This is followed by America’s looming decline and demise without returning to God as described in the stirring patriotic anthem “Don’t Tread on Me” by Richie Furay.

Oden Fong ends the prayer with a request for God to return quickly.

The show’s fourth and final set is a set of songs by Daniel Amos (which is a band, not a person). The songs, forming the entirety of the band’s 1976 album Shotgun AngelLet’s talk about the Second Coming. This is happening. It’s coming soon.

Everyone, enjoy the show.

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