Of Course Jill Biden Has Her Own ‘Hail to the Chief’ Fanfare – Opinion

It’s okay to be shocked and amazed.

I mean, who’d a thunk “Dr.” Jill Biden would have her very own “walk-up” fanfare — her own “Hail to Chiefette” — to be played when a woman who was elected to NothingAnd has no executive power Anything “walks up” to super-important stuff. Come on, admit it. Gives you goosebumps, huh? [ROFL emoji]

According to a Washington Examiner source, the United States Marine Corps Band received instructions last fall to create an entry theme for the fake doctor. And just like that, the band now has in its repertoire an original composition titled “Fanfare for the First Lady.”

The fanfare, noted the Examiner, “is to be performed and repeated at official White House functions, from her first appearance until she is ready to speak.”

For a nanosecond imagine the histrionic mass meltdown in the Democrat Party, the sock puppet Democrat-propaganda media and all the liberal loons throughout America if this was what we were talking about Melania TrumpHere, against Jill Biden.

Did I mention that no other First Lady has ever had a “walk-up” song?

But here’s the thing. Jill Biden isn’t just one of your run-of-the-mill First Ladies, mind you — like Melania.

It’s not possible. For example, here’s Jill aboard Air Force One on the way to Europe in June, “prepping” for the G7 Summit. It’s impressive considering she already had zeroit has to do with summit. And note the presidential-looking jacket, purposely draped over the back of her chair, solely for “impressive” photo-op purposes.

The band was reportedly “rushed” to complete the fanfare, which technically wasn’t Created for Mrs. Biden; it’s a finalized version of a piece of music that was already nearly completed when the topic was first discussed with the White House.

Though it’s not unusual for the group’s arrangers to be asked to compose music at a moment’s notice, a source told the Washington Examiner, it is unusual for the first lady to have her own entrance theme.

The cherry on top giving the first lady the “Hail to the Chief” treatment, the source said, is this: “The music is just awful.”

“The song is terrible,” the source said, adding it’s ironic a “completely bogus premise” should result in such an “awful” final product.

“Fanfare for the First Lady” has reportedly created both “amusement and confusion” within the band, with some band members saying that in the many years they’ve played in the group, this is the first time the band has had to provide the First Lady an exclusive entrance theme.

Someone in the White House apparently “had the bright idea, ‘Oh, tell the band that we want music for Jill,’” a source said. “The band had to provide music.”

So, here’s the thing. Given Jill Biden’s love of (choose one or more of the following) attention, power, respect, titles, her husband being president, having her very own entrance fanfare should surprise no one. 

For all that, I think this woman should have opposed the nomination, election, and eventual victory of an intelligent man in apparent mental decline. She is, however, someone who she seems to love, just and alone. SheDetermined and selfishly wanted to be the First Lady.

Jil Biden sought the attention, the praises and the feeling of power. She deserves it. zero respect — and hardly her own fanfare.

Nonetheless, America, I now present “Fanfare for the First Lady” — and you-know-who.

You’re welcome.

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