Ocasio-Cortez Home Cooking Vid Raises More Questions About Her Residence Claims

“Just because their names are on the box doesn’t mean they live there.”

On the heels of scrutiny over whether Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually lives in the Parkchester condo she claims as her residence, a home cooking video the freshman congresswoman shared to social media last week appears to contradict claims about her address.

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Her spokesman, Corbin Trent, told the New York Post over the weekend that Ocasio-Cortez had moved to a new residence in mid-February. However, an Instagram video uploaded by his boss suggests otherwise. The kitchen seen in Ocasio-Cortez’s recent video appears to be the same one seen in similar videos she shared on Nov. 9 and Dec. 27.

“So how could she have moved to her new place two weeks ago if she was apparently already living there last fall?” the Post’s Mary Kay Linge wondered.

According to the Post, Trent said he was “not sure” when the move occurred after being shown the video evidence. As recently as last week, Trent claimed Ocasio-Cortez still lived at the Bronx-condo where she’s registered to vote. “She lives there,” he told the Daily Mail last Saturday. “‘That’s home, period, for her. That’s where she gets her energy, her drive. She not only lives there, that’s where her heart’s at, period.”

Trent would then claim last Sunday that Ocasio-Cortez had moved in mid-February to another apartment within the same neighborhood.


In a late-Feb. report entitled, “Where in the world does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live?”, the Post questioned Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that she lives in a condominium owned by her late father located within the bounds of New York’s 14th congressional district. In the run-up to her upset win over prominent Democrat Joe Crowley, the Bronx-born millennial cited his ties to Northern Virginia to accuse him of growing too distant from the district he was supposed to be representing.

The Post showed photographs to several residents of Ocasio-Cortez’s apartment building. Those neighbors said they had never seen her or her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, before. “I would have remembered,” one neighbor told the post. Another suspicious detail: A postal worker told the Post that “several months’ worth” of mail piles up at Ocasio-Cortez’s mailbox regularly and that he has only seen her “intermittently.”

“Just because their names are on the box doesn’t mean they live there,” the man said.

According to the Post, Trent refused to answer multiple times when asked where it is that his boss actually lives. The Washington Free Beacon reported in mid-February that Ocasio-Cortez had moved into a luxury apartment in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, DC.

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