Roseanne Unleashes on Feminists Who Claim Sexual Harassment Years Later: ‘You Ain’t Nothing But Hos’

“They’re pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money.”

Roseanne Barr kicked off Candace Owens’ online talk show Saturday with anti-feminist fireworks.

Fresh off her appearance at CPAC, Owens launched into criticism of the #MeToo movement, saying she is sick of “Lena Dunham types going around saying we want this now, now, now.”

She added that the whole “believe women thing” is out of control.

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Barr, the right-wing commentator’s first guest on PragerU’s “The Candace Owens Show,” escalated the rhetoric by going after women who allege they are the targets of sexual misconduct years after the fact. She suggested the women should have left the room in real time.

“But, you stayed around ’cause you’re like, ‘Well, I thought maybe he was gonna give me a writing job,'” Barr said. “Well, you ain’t nothing but a ho.”

“They’re pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money,” she added.

Barr joked that she too had tried to trade sexual favors for career advancement, “but no one was buying it, and I’m like come on, this is so unfair. I had to make it on talent and good looks alone.”

Earlier in the show, Barr said that as the mother of two sons and a grandmother to five boys, “I know a ho when I see one.”


She said women often “come for” her sons because of her money, saying, “They need to be called out. They really really do. And that’s privilege, too – ho privilege.”

Owens and Barr agreed that the women who complained that comedian Louis CK had masturbated in front of them are a case in point. They also found common ground in accusing Sen. Kamala Harris of California, a Democratic presidential candidate, of having “slept her way to the top” – a reference to her decades-old relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Owens said that she and Barr were the real feminists, because they were concerned about real rape, as opposed what she called “social media rape.”

“I think feminism ultimately needs to be about truth-telling,” Owens said. “I’m not into garnering power against men. That’s not feminism. Stop calling it feminism.”

“I love men,” Barr concurred. “I love men who love women.”

The conservative comedian, who said she has nothing to lose after last year getting fired from her hit ABC show, went on to say that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, who has admitted to beating ex-wife Robin Givens, likes to call #MeToo, “You Too, “because it will eventually get you.”

Barr also said she planned to return to standup.

“I’m gonna tell people what in the hell I think of them,” she said. “I’m gonna tell women, ‘You ain’t nothing but hos,’ and I’m gonna tell men, ‘Why are you letting women do this to you?'”

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