Ocasio-Cortez Fan Gets Freshman Congresswoman’s Face Tattooed on His Leg

“Chance of getting laid now officially zero.”

A man shared a photograph of a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tattoo and was mocked by legions of social media commenters.

A Twitter user by the name of Anti_Trust Eddie proudly showed off the portrait of Ocasio-Cortez’s face tattooed on his leg. The words, “Justice” are written underneath the politician’s visage. “Check out my new tattoo!” he captioned the Feb. 20 tweet, in which he tagged the Bronx-born congresswoman, as well as other influential progressives such as The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, and Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti.

Anti_Trust Eddie’s fellow social media users weren’t as taken with the tattoo as he was – they criticized the quality of the piece, suggested that the tattoo was a pathetically misguided attempt at a romantic overture toward progressive women, and declared that Anti_Trust Eddie would soon regret having the work done.

“Why does she only have eyelashes on one eye??” wrote one commenter.

“If you ever gain weight, it’s gonna look like Rashida Tlaib. And when you get old, it’ll look like Rosa DeLauro,” wrote another.

“Chance of getting laid now officially zero,” wrote still another.

YouTube personality Joey Salads, a President Donald Trump supporter known for his viral prank videos, weighed in with his assessment of the artwork. “She looking left and right at the same time,” Salads quipped.

Other commentators mocked Anti_Trust Eddie’s tattoo by making tongue-in-cheek references to Ocasio-Cortez’s purportedly radical economic policies.

“That’s worth an extra piece of bread,” wrote user MethBurrito.

Anti_Trust Eddie, who describes himself as a “wage slave” in his Twitter bio, was defiant in the face of the pervasive mockery.

He dismissed criticism of the quality of the piece by saying that he had revealed his tattoo even though it was still a work in progress because he had been so eager to share the photo with the world.

“To all the people commenting about my tattoo; calm down guys! Its not done yet, I’ve still got some touch up work to get done on it, including the eyelashes,” he wrote. “I just didn’t want to wait to post it. Stay tuned to see when it’s done healing and I post a finalized picture!”

“I love reading the hate tweets though, keep em coming! #toostrong,” Anti_Trust Eddie wrote in a followup tweet.

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