NewsBusters Podcast: WashPost Wants ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ to Die in Darkness

The Washington Post Taylor Lorenz (social-media columnist) published a expose of 2,200 words on Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter account, “Libs of Tik Tok”. The group lamented that it had “emerged as an influential force on Twitter, shaping right-wing Media” through their “incendiary framing.” They were not pleased with the outcome. Post cannot see themselves as an influential force in the left-wing media. It’s obvious they can’t stand the conservatives shaping anyone’s narrative.

Robin Givhan, also the Post“The critic at large” in the House of Representatives wrote a column calling anyone who is happy about the elimination of the mandate for public transit to be “childish and selfish.” She suggested that 2020 House Republicans had been drinking COVID’s hand soap.

The Easter Bunny that pushed President Biden away form reporters is also discussed, as well as the cruel notion that Republicans should agree to all debates moderated by liberal news outlets. 

You can listen to it below, or wherever podcasts are available.

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