NewsBusters Podcast: Ketanji Glee and the Chicago Shame Brigade

The NewsBusters podcast’s latest episode examines how networks insist that everyone should celebrate the confirmation of Ketanji brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. We also discuss the rudeness displayed by Republicans during the confirmation hearings. CNN reported that Republicans were rude for walking out of the Senate chamber after the vote, as if everyone wanted to surround Judge Jackson, who was the hero of the story. Top Gun

Kevin Tober joins us as we talk about a Chicago “disinformation conference” getting strong conservative questions regarding suppression of liberal media.

When asked questions about the Hunter Biden laptop revelations, two University of Chicago freshmen made famous liberal narrative-shapers Anne Applebaum squirm and Brian Stelter frown. Stelter stated that the younger man couldn’t be possibly watching the exact same CNN that he was. A book by Stelter on Fox News was titled..Hoax.)

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