NewsBusters Podcast: Ding Dong, the Disinformation Board Is Dead?

The moment the announcement was made, it was a shocker. Washington PostThe Department of Homeland Security reported that it has “paused” the Disinformation Governance Board. Taylor Lorenz (social-media columnist) was responsible for this report. Taylor Lorenz imagines herself to be a Guardian of Women on the Savage Internet.

With their negative narratives, she lamented the way right-wingers tried to destroy Nina Jankowicz, DGB boss. Lorenz said Jankowicz was the target of some harsh criticisms. She has endured harassment and abuse, while her work is misrepresented unchecked.

And as though Donald Trump’s staff hadn’t been subjected to an “unrelenting barrage” of abuse and harassment The Washington Post? Journalism and satire seem like wonderful tools, but when it comes to conservatives using them, they can become a constant harasser.

Chuck Todd’s opinion that the federal misinformation agencies are a threat is not only untrue, but also how Carl Cameron (ex-Fox journalist) suggested misinformation was too bad for journalists. You should go to jail. We are not going to wait for Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter to protest, but we will.

You can listen to it below or elsewhere. 

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