NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Hunter Biden Story Only Restarts When Trump Can Be Slammed

After 260 days silence, NBC broke the silence about Hunter Biden on morning and night. This was because they were slamming Trump for suggesting that Vladimir Putin, a war criminal, should speak out on Hunter.

NBC’s Garrett Haake reported “In an interview with a right-wing website out just yesterday, Mr. Trump calls on Vladimir Putin to release this information about Hunter Biden’s business deals in Ukraine. Now, this echoes then-President Trump’s call for Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the Bidens. This led to Trump’s first impeachment. Only now he’s asking Putin to do it. Putin’s war in Ukraine. CNN’s Jake Tapper also shamed Trump for believing that Putin would expound upon Hunter’s billions from Moscow.

Then we discuss The New York Times Project Veritas’ war over Ashley Biden’s diary is another issue liberal media avoided in 2020. They did not cover Donald Trump’s adult kids …. or the Bushes ….or Reagans in this manner.

You can listen to it below or elsewhere. 

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