New CBS Poll Is ‘Damning Indictment of Biden’ While Official Offers up a Feeble Response – Opinion

The number of Americans who think that things are going badly generally is at the highest it’s been during Joe Biden’s tenure in office, according to a new CBS News poll. Seventy-four per cent of Americans believe that America is in crisis.

This is largely due to inflation reaching 40-year records highs. The stock market’s sharp fall has also caused people to be more cautious and wonder about their retirement plans. Two-thirds (63%) of people who have made investments in the stock exchange are pessimistic.

An indictment against the Biden presidency
70% of respondents say the economy has gone downhill.
77 per cent are negative about cost.
70 percent disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation.
65 percent say Biden has been “slow to react.”

Those are crushing numbers, and what those numbers mean is we’re not just talking about Republicans and independents, but Democrats as well, and constituencies that they will desperately need in November when they are likely to get wiped out in the midterms. Over half of Democrats say things are going badly in the country, for the first time in Biden’s tenure. This is mostly tied down to how they feel about economic conditions. Biden, according to most young Americans, is very slow in responding to situations. This is because we’ve seen repeatedly that he does not react quickly to everything from Afghanistan to inflation.

Biden and his team said inflation was just going to “pop up a little bit,” and kept saying for months that inflation was “transitory,” until he couldn’t get away with that anymore. Biden claimed no one could predict inflation. However, many people warned him that the American Rescue Plan would make things worse.

Biden’s NEC Director Brian Deese went on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash, and she asked him if he could explain all that. “So, how did the Administration get things so wrong?” she asked.

“Look, a lot of things have changed over the course of the last year,” Deese claimed. “And we’ve dealt with a lot of unexpected challenges.” Yes, they’ve gotten worse, exactly, because Biden didn’t pay any attention to the warnings about things that were wholly expected. Biden did what he wanted to do because he’s been under the hold of radical Democrats, and all he knows how to do is spend. Deese is convinced that this answer will suffice. But, that’s all they have to offer as things keep getting worse.

The answer is in the CBS poll: No, they can’t get away with such stupid answers. They can’t just keep saying nothing is their fault, blaming everything and everyone else. And they’re going to get smacked down, but good, come November. Just a reminder about who Brian Deese is — he’s the guy who said in September that high food prices don’t matter so much if you don’t count beef, pork, and poultry — you know those things that most of us live on.

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