A Gunman’s Mental Health Status Cannot Be Discussed When It Runs Counter to Media Narratives – Opinion

If the news media is confronted by inconvenient facts regarding a shooting victim, their seriousness about truth-telling can vary.

An example of recent gun violence shows troubling characteristics. It was an office building, so the victims were deliberately chosen as targets because of their race. People who knew the shooter can confirm that he made statements about his animus toward potential victims and believed the ethnic minority were an increasing problem to his existence. His hatred could have motivated him to shoot several times.

That last sentence may have caused you to pause. It is not known that the shooter who attacked Tops in Buffalo was responsible for this shooting. Well, what I described – though identical in nature – were not the particulars of Payton Gendron’s massacre. I instead gave details regarding a string of shootings at Dallas businesses that were owned and operated by Asian Americans.

Jeremy SmithIt was taken into custody following his arriving at a local beauty salon in the city’s Koreatown region, opening fire on the employees and clientele, which injured three. The description and vehicle he was driving are very similar to two incidents that occurred in the same area, both targeting Asian-owned businesses. Funny enough – we do not see the press seeking the services of a chiropractor after their desire to twist and spin this story, as they have been in Buffalo.

The primary reason is that Jeremy Smith is an African American, and as such, he cannot possibly serve as a face for the media’s preferred narratives. He is not a symbol of gun control and therefore cannot be used as such. Not only can’t he be held up as an example of racial intolerance and hatred, but they can’t pointed to him as a victim of Republican indoctrination. As a result, Smith’s actions are reported as Mental illness can lead to mental health problemsHowever, this opens us up to an extremely interesting dynamic.

Gendron’s motivation is being staunchly fought as not being the result of mental illness. A number of experts tell us racism is an option, and is not caused by mental impairment. 

These experts must first choose/pretend not to notice that the shooter has been previously Mental health assessmentsThis was last year. Later, schoolmates back this up repeatedly Notable behaviorFrom the soon to be shooter. He was arrested for making violence-threatening comments. This was not a stable individual by any measure, yet when Tucker Carlson – Media blames the exact target – dared Please share your opinionOf course, it was laughed at. 

Let’s be clear about these episodes. We have almost mirror-image behavior, with the exception of one individual’s race. Following alerting many people about their tendencies, we found that two individuals who were disturbed acted violently because of unbalanced opinions on race. One case is not featured in the media, but it seems that the reasons are rooted in the storyline desired by the press. I blithely refer to a mental illnessAny discussion about mental impairment must be avoided in one room and the other.

Even the same media that attempts to discuss things can’t approach the facts or the reality seriously. They behave as arbiters for truth and social justice. Serious journalism is different from reacting in totally different ways to the same story. 

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