Never Trumper Lifts off the Veil and Throws in With Dems Officially – Opinion

It’s always fun to see how much the Never Trump folks reveal themselves and tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

But when you look at a group that includes people like The Lincoln Project, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL), Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY), and Rep. Mitt Romney (RINO-UT), you know it’s going to be a never-ending font of hypocrisy. One of the funniest things is how they posture at being the “true conservatives.” Yet, they then throw in with Democrats — who are doing all they can to push us further to the left — effectively helping their agenda against Republicans. If you’re voting for and/or helping the Democratic agenda, here’s a hint: you’re a Democrat.

We just got a golden example of this hypocrisy with a new announcement from Evan McMullin, the Never Trumper who ran as an “independent” for president in 2016. It was an obvious and ridiculous effort to siphon votes from Trump — how’d that work out? This didn’t go down very well. Then the “independent” voted for Joe Biden in 2020 — who, perhaps, has governed more radically than anyone yet in the office.

Now, McMullin is running as an “independent” for the Senate in Utah against Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). But, the Democrats just announced they are pulling their Democratic candidate and forming a “coalition” to support McMullin.

This move is causing a rift between the Democrats and anti-Trumpers.

They are reading it wrong, as they do with many other topics.

Utah is extremely red. If he was trying to appeal to conservatives that he’s the “true conservative,” he just threw that completely under the bus by throwing in with the Democrats in a very public way. Of course, voting for Biden and his actions already proved he was with them, but now, he’s lifted the veil officially. He is the reason why any Republican would vote for him. And then, on top of that, if he’s still claiming to be “conservative,” why would any of the Democrats in the state vote for him? They’re not going to come out for him like they would for a Democratic candidate. You can already see many of them expressing trepidation over this move and saying he can’t be trusted. It’s not a joke, that is what we know.

Orrin Hatch was a senator from Utah who served for many years. He just passed away today. Romney replaced him. So it’s important not to lose that second seat. McMullin seems to have done himself a favor with his move and officially joined the Democrats. He was not smart, but no one has ever claimed that he was. He must enjoy losing.

That is the truth.

McMuffin, you did a great job!

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