Nets Trashed Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy as Cruel, Silent as Biden Restarts

Question: What is the point of a cruel policy? Answer: When Joe Biden adopts it from Donald Trump. 

The Biden administration endured yet another policy failure last week as the President conceded defeat and announced he will reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy in November. It was Thursday night when the news broke. But according to an analysis by the Media Research Center, the network evening and morning newscasts from Friday to Tuesday have hid the reversal of a policy that ABC, CBS and NBC once described as cruel and fear-inducing.



The following was published in April 2019. CBS Evening NewsDeplored the practice of keeping illegal immigrants in Mexico while they await asylum applications. On April 3, 2019, CBS correspondent Omar Villafranca reported from Mexico and talked to two young men “who are legally seeking asylum in the United States have been sent back to remain in Mexico to await their hearing.”

He sounded skeptical as he noted, “The Trump administration says they need to expand the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program because of a dramatic surge in the number of asylum seekers to the U.S., which they say is overwhelming the system.” 



We now have the facts about the border crisis and it’s absolutely accurate to state that the system is overwhelmed. On April 14, 2019, ABC’s This Week brought on far-left Congressman Bennie Thompson to seethe: “This ‘Remain in Mexico,’ the zero tolerance put in by the attorney general. All those things have just created this crisis.” Host George Stephanopoulos only meekly challenged, citing the skyrocketing apprehensions: “What can be done to get this under control?” 

The 8th of October 2019 CBS Evening News devoted an entire segment to the danger of the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Here’s anchor Norah O’Donnell: 

The Trump administration’s immigration crackdown on the southern border is expanding. All asylum seekers now have to stay in Mexico in order to be heard in U.S. immigration courts. Mireya Villarreal, Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) shows us that the wait can be long and deadly.

Villarreal warned, “In these shelters, fear is only outmatched by the uncertainty most families now face.” 

On the November 19, 2019, issue of NBC. Today, correspondent Gabe Gutierrez lamented, “There’s a smoke-filled stench here. Safe drinking water is hard to come by.” 

By a 3-1 decision, the Supreme Court approved lower courts and forced the Biden administration’s reinstatement of the policy in August 2021. April 25, 2021 NBC’s Justice Correspondent Pete Williams suggested the conservatives on the Court were fine with poor conditions in Mexico: “Tens of thousands lingered in makeshift tent cities. Human rights groups said many were attacked by criminals and drug gangs.” 

He lamented, “Tens of thousands lingered in makeshift tent cities. Human rights groups said many were attacked by criminals and drug gangs.” 

Fox News actually reported the Biden defeat on Friday, unlike other networks. Bret Baier explained: 



This is only because, as Sean said, it is a federal judge who has ordered you to do so. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court. It’s a lawsuit filed by Texas and Missouri, saying that it was against what they were trying to do on the border. It was detrimental to the operation. Rodney Scott was the Border Patrol chief under Trump and Biden. I spoke to him recently.

His words were a great help to the number of people crossing the border. This was non-partisan, and it was the best. The Trump administration was responsible for it. Now, the Biden government says that they will do it by November mid-, but it’s only because a federal judge ordered them to.

Somehow, what the liberal media saw as cruel and inhumane treatment during Trump seem to matter now that Joe Biden is president. 

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