Nets Ignore News Jankowicz Resigns, Disinformation Board Put on Pause

The Department of Homeland Security put an end to Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board on Wednesday morning. The incident was further reported by The Wall Street JournalNina Jankowicz will be retiring as the Board’s executive director. 

“With the exception of one minute and 23 seconds on the May 1 edition of the Sunday show Meet the Press” the networks have refused to cover the news of the Biden administration’s Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Instead, the evening newscasts ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening NewsPlease see the following: NBC Nightly News have decided to cover the U.S. women’s soccer team winning a lawsuit over equal pay and local weather reports. 

Yet, Fox News Channel’s America Reports did manage to cover the reported pause in the operation of the DGB and Jankowicz’s resignation. As the host of Wednesday’s afternoon broadcast, America Reports, John Roberts, Gillian Turner and Gillian Turner were the co-hosts. 



“There’s breaking news in the last few minutes on the Biden administration’s so-called Disinformation Governance Board as well as the woman chosen to head up the controversial program” Roberts announced over the sound of Fox’s famous “Fox News Alert” jingle. “The Wall Street Journal now reporting that Nina Janowicz has made the decision to step down and return to the public sphere following reports the entire disinformation board project was put on pause” Roberts added. 

Turner jumped in to note that “today’s announcement comes about three weeks after the board became operational and garnered some pretty fierce criticism from Republicans questioning whether the government should be monitoring what is and what is not true”  

Washington correspondent Mark Meredith reporting live from the North Lawn of the White House remarked that “this was a board that was supposed to be built for combating misinformation but critics have accused Nina Jankowicz of extreme bias for some of her past political tweets.” 

Meredith read then a tweet by Andrew Bates, White House deputy press secretary. It bemoaned conservative pressure and free speech advocates. “These smears laid against a deep-qualified expert and against efforts better combat human trafficking and domestic terrorist are disgusting and the administration has repeatedly spoken out against them.” Neither Nina Jankowicz nor the board have anything to do with censorship or with removing content from anywhere.” 

For the entire twenty-one-day lifespan of Biden’s Ministry of Truth, the networks have almost entirely ignored its existence. That’s how you know they think it makes their pals in the Biden administration look bad. 

Prevagen, Allstate and Liberty Mutual made this bias possible on ABC, CBS, and NBC. They are linked.  

To read the relevant transcript of the May 18 America Reports segment click “expand”: 

FNC’s America Reports
Eastern, 2:01:19 

JOHN ROBERTS: And there’s breaking news in the last few minutes on the Biden administration’s so-called Disinformation Governance Board as well as the woman chosen to head up the controversial program. The Wall Street JournalWe now report that Nina Janowicz decided to retire and go back to the public after hearing reports about the suspension of the whole disinformation board project. 

GILLIAN TURNER: This announcement, which comes three weeks after it became operational, has been criticized by Republicans for raising questions about whether or not the government should monitor what truth and falsehood. The administration’s defence of the board’s purpose and its design was not the only thing that worried. The White House as well as D.H.S. Mayorkas was unable to clearly define the purpose of the board during his sworn testimony. Mayorkas said the board was intended to combat misinformation online but didn’t really offer a lot of specifics to satisfy Republican lawmakers. 



MARK Meredith: Gillian, John, good morning to you both. Well just as quickly as it launched, it appears the Department of Homeland Security’s disinformation board is being put on pause. The White House briefing which was set to get underway about thirty minutes ago is just about to get started now and I would bet quite a bit of money there’s going to be a lot of questions about why the sudden change of plans from the administration. You mentioned that The Washington PostThis was the first report to inform you that Nina Jankowicz (executive director) is leaving her position. 

Although this board was meant to combat misinformation, critics accuse Nina Jankowicz for her previous political tweets. Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary was repeatedly questioned about the purpose of the board and whether the government was taking any steps towards police freedom speech. The White House issued a statement this morning affirming that they still believe the board to be a good idea. The White House released a statement saying that “these smears made by right-wing bad actors against an expert in human smuggling, domestic terrorism and efforts to combat it are disgusting.” Neither Nina Jankowicz nor the board have anything to do with censorship or with removing content from anywhere.” 

Republicans protested the board’s creation from the beginning, with some even comparing it to George Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth. The moment this news became public, there was a lot of reaction. Michigan Congresswoman Lisa McClain tweeting “the board should never have been created in the first place. Not only does DHS need to pause the creation of this board, we need to make sure nothing like this is ever created again.” 

We also heard from West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito who says “word that this ludicrous Orwellian idea has been put on pause is good news for all Americans.” So not only was there a P.R. There was also the possibility of a legal problem. We saw 20 lawyers general from across the country threaten to sue the government over this. Again, we await a new white house response.

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